Today is very special to me as it holds great significance in our household.

While our friends and family celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence proclaiming the 13 American colonies a new nation, no longer under British control. I celebrate my 3-year anniversary of Dependence Day when I died with Christ and became a new creation, no longer under the prince of the air.

Three years ago, I was The Dr. Nikisha Ware, Executive Director for the Mississippi Learning Institute—Mississippi’s only public school-university collaborative partnership. In this position, I provided leadership for the direction, development and implementation of the nation’s only literacy-based professional development system. During my tenure, I successfully secured, maintained, and managed over $13 million in federal and foundation funding and chartered the state’s Call Me MISTER Program. I expanded our network from one local school district to nine and received the 2011 Jacksonian Professionalism Award. I don’t say these things to impress you, but to impress upon you that to the onlooker I appeared to be well.

Although I stacked up honors, awards, and accolades over twenty years in the field of education and community service, I was living a quite dismal double life that kept me feeling empty and broken.

I began to grow tired and exhausted under the burden of addiction, anxiety, and dysfunction. I no longer wanted to be an emotionally-absent wife and mother. I had come to the end of myself when a dear cousin helped me to find my way to God through our Redeemer.

July 1 was my DEPENDENCE Day. I kneeled at the Cross and repented. I journaled to be clear to The Lord from all I was turning away. I made my requests known to Him. I committed to trust Him and to do whatever He told me to do. That day changed my life forever.

This encounter with Christ motivated me to make another life-changing decision. I decided to resign from my university position to homeschool our children, even though I knew I would lose, among other things, my six-figure salary with benefits and the esteem of my colleagues, family, and friends.

Subsequently, with quantum leaps of faith, our family has witnessed His faithfulness in every area of our lives. As difficult and tough as things were in the beginning, this became a time that God used to ground me in His Word and begin establishing the course of my life for depending on Him…alone.

Now I enjoy a life committed to Christ. He has blessed me with a renewed marriage, a restored relationship with my sons, and a promise of the Resurrection.

Cue fireworks….

About Nikisha Ware

Nikisha Ware is a born-again mom and new homeschooler of three boys, 7, 8, and 9. She lives in Jackson, MS, and was a university administrator and grant writer before homeschooling. Nikisha’s encounter with Jesus in July 2012 motivated her to make many major life-changing decisions—one of which was to leave her 6-figure salary and be a full-time mom. Drawing on her experiences as an educator with nearly 20 years of experience, Nikisha enjoys meeting her sons’ diverse needs and catering to their learning styles. In addition to hanging out with her sons, she loves to talk with mothers about depending on God for strength and joy as they serve their families. Nikisha substitutes at a local homeschooling program that is designed to prepare young students for the logic and rhetoric stages of their Christian classical education. She also enjoys serving on her church’s praise team and in the children’s ministry as well as in various community mission projects. When she’s not teaching, you can find her laughing, reading, traveling, freelancing, or growing her husband’s piano tuning and consulting businesses. More about Nikisha may be found at

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