For many home educators, teaching primary and secondary grade levels are challenging; nevertheless, it is not a task many are unable to accomplish. High school, on the other hand, can be a totally different story without the proper guidance. With a little organization and strategic preparation, you can actually experience a smooth transition from middle into high school.

The perfect place to start when transitioning your student into high school would be to create a four year course plan. A course plan is simply an outline of classes which will be required in your home school for graduation. It usually includes the name of courses and the number of credit hours required to complete a particular course of study. Once constructed, this map will serve as your guide through many challenges, such as curriculum purchasing, class scheduling, etc. You will also use your choose plan to determine whether or not your child will home school throughout the entire four years, or if they will course another route such as taking the GED test. Do not begin your high school years without one.

Another important dynamic to consider on your journey to home educating through the high school years is to determine how to calculate credit hours for each class and the number necessary to receive a high school diploma. A credit hour is a numerical unit used to compute the amount of time necessary to complete a specific course of study and how much credit will be upon completion. Calculating these hours may vary depending on many factors, including the instruction method (credit by exam, textbook method, college campus, etc) and course types (i.e. core subjects versus electives). Home school parents have the advantage of being able to create their own course requirements, the calculation of credit hours, and determine the amount mandatory for their student. If you are a beginner and need a little assistance with getting started, visit the Home School Legal Defense Association website at <a
for more information.

Lastly, the number for home educated high school graduates is rapidly increasing each year and with that in mind, it is very important to help your scholar prepare for the college application process. Many schools including Harvard are specifically targeting home school students because they possess credentials unmatched by their public school counterparts. As a parent, you can help your child gain a competitive advantage by becoming acquainted with the standards of the school your child is interesting in attending and begin to seek out classes, volunteer experiences, and possibility apprenticeships which will make their application stand out against the rest. In addition, it is imperative to keep accurate records, such as testing scores, transcripts, and letters of reference, available in the event they are requested.

There is nothing more special than the high school years. With effective planning, you can help your scholar make the best of it.


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Chasity Champion, mother of three awesome children, and contributor to Christian Home School Moms.

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