Scripture Lullabies Review and Giveaway-Although I am compensated for my time on this review, I received these CDs free and I will be giving you an honest review (positive or otherwise) of my experience and what my kids and I think of them.

Since our move out to California, my children- like lots of kids who experience a huge transition or life event- have needed a big dose of extra tender loving care at night time.  Knowing that music can help ease nighttime stress, I’ve been looking for just the right CDs to play in my kids’ bedroom at night so they’ll have fewer bad dreams and sleep more peacefully. Most music my 5-year-old has is from her toddler years- kind of fast-paced and exciting (and definitely not suitable for bedtime). 

My 11-year-old, who really loves modern worship and Christian pop, needed a slight change of pace when it comes to music at night. Peaceful music to help my kids go to sleep is what I was going for.

Enter our discovery of the Hidden In My Heart Scripture Lullabies CD’s, Volumes I and II. Pretty soon there’ll also be a volume III, and I can’t wait to hear the next compilation. Let me just say this- this music has changed our lives.  No exaggeration. Every night we pop in the “Hidden In My Heart” CD as I tuck my kiddos in bed, and right after their bedtime devotional. 

How Scripture Lullabies Helps Kids

Typically within 15 minutes, my kids are feeling drowsy and comfortable enough to fall asleep- unlike a few months ago when they would stop by our room off and on until way past midnight because of fearful thoughts or the dread of yet another bad dream. Moving far away from family and friends was a catalyst to the sleep deprivation.

Isn’t it beautiful? Kids feel safe hearing the word of God sung into their hearts as they are falling into a deep sleep.  Scripture Lullabies is so peaceful that it provides a safe haven for kids to comfortably fall asleep without fear. At least, that’s been our experience.

How Scripture Lullabies Helps Parents

This peaceful, anointed, beautiful music is making a tremendous difference in not only my kids’ sleep- but mine and my husband’s as well. We can finally have our bedroom to ourselves and get some sleep of our own now that the kids are comfortable! The lullabies are not “lullabies” in the way we generally imagine.  This music is great for both children and adults.  If you just feel like changing up the atmosphere in your home one evening, you can play this music to invite some peace and quiet. Scripture Lullabies also makes a great baby shower gift, by the way.  If you know a mother-to-be, Scripture Lullabies would be a great help to mom and baby during those first few weeks and months of post-partum fatigue.

How Scripture Lullabies Helps Society

When you purchase a “Hidden In My Heart” CD, 1 out of every 10  is donated to Pregnancy Resource Centers all around the country.  The team behind Scripture Lullabies travels to Pregnancy Resource Centers in Northern Colorado to personally deliver them, so they have a personal connection and a true passion for their product and purpose.

How to purchase the Hidden In My Heart Series

You can purchase Volumes I or II (or both) of Hidden In My Heart Scripture Lullabies and receive a 15% discount until December 31, 2013. Use promo code: SLPROMO13 for your 15% discount.

The Giveaway

I’m so excited to offer this giveaway since it has helped our family so much.  God’s word in music form has definitely been a source of emotional healing for our family. There will be two winners on this giveaway! You can enter this giveaway for a chance to win one “Hidden In My Heart” Scripture Lullabies CD. Winner will receive your choice of volume or whether you’d like a CD copy or digital downloads. If you win, you’ll have 1 week to claim your prize.

***UPDATE: We have our winners!!

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**Update** Check out my post on teaching kids God’s Word for more ways to apply Scripture Lullabies.