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Keeping our homes in order is not an easy feat, but with God’s help, we can do this! On this week’s show, I share the following tips to help you with home management.

Have a consistent routine

Our kids need to know that we’re doing the same things (generally) most days of the week. It’s important to give them some sense of stability so that they can help predict what will happen next. Consistency also helps us mamas so much! Keeping a consistent routine can definitely help in this area.

Declutter your spaces

Decluttering will make a huge difference in your mind and free up space for you and your family. Start with the places in your home that are more highly trafficked – your kitchen, bathrooms, and living area. You’ll feel a huge difference once you start the decluttering process. I happen to enjoy using the Marie Kondo method.

Get Organized with Systems

Once you have systems created for doing laundry, cooking, daily housekeeping, and daily cleaning, you can begin to see some improvement in the way you run your home, and your family will, hopefully, get on board with you. This leads to my next point…

Start delegating

Every child should have the experience of learning how to pitch in and be a part of family processes. Delegation is a huge key to teaching our kids how to be responsible within the home.

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