Wait…the course has arrived?

Yes, my friends, the course I have been working on for months so that you can plan out your homeschool with confidence- is finally here!

Who is this goal planner course for?

If you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions, then this course is for you:

  • Why and how exactly do I plan my homeschool this year?
  • How do I choose curriculum with all the choices available?
  • How do I decide on a homeschool philosophy that works for my family?
  • How do I make homeschooling a lifestyle that is a perfect fit for my family so that everyone is happy?

What’s in the course?

In a nutshell, this goal planner includes everything you need to plan a Christ-filled, family-focused, individualized education plan for your students.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Develop standards for your homeschool based on your family’s uniqueness
  • Learn to recognize your individual and family-based contributions in God’s Kingdom
  • Discover your family’s gifts and talents that contribute to your homeschool, your family, and the world
  • Learn to honor the individuality of your children
  • Recognize your personal value to your homeschool process
  • Create a family mission statement
  • Create academic goals for each child
  • Learn to manage your time around your homeschool philosophy
  • Create a family schedule that works for you
  • Determine a schedule that works best for your family lifestyle
  • Learn to choosing curriculum according to several factors, including: teaching style, learning style, values, child’s interests, budget, time investment, types of methods, whether it fits your family (teaching one child or multiple children)
  • Determine your teaching style
  • Find your child’s learning style
  • Create routines, choose curriculum, and use practical tools to help you plan…

And lastly, we end with a Prayer Blessing for the Homeschool Mom.

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