So, it’s officially fall, and we’ve turned the clock back this past weekend. I honestly love warm weather so knowing that things would cool down soon hasn’t been an appealing thought.  I simply don’t like being cold!  However, I do like fall.

Fall seems to me like nature reminding me to slow down and prepare for the winter season ahead.

In that vein, I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite homeschool fall activities. Fall prompts me to make memories with my family that we’ll cherish for life.  Some of those memories I’ve been making with my family are logged right here on this blog. I figured I should do a roundup of the few fall posts I’ve posted over the years. Some are my own posts, some are guest posts, but they all play a role in my family memories somehow.

Fall Crafts for Preschool

I hope they inspire you to create memories as well! So here they are…

My Favorite Fall Crafts for Preschool

1. Yummy Apple Muffins Recipe

Oh my word, these are some of my favorite muffins! I just have to share this recipe for fall- every fall! If you like apples and cinnamon, you might fall in love with these muffins.

2. Fall Suncatcher Leaves

I loved this activity with my daughter a few years ago when she was 10. This involved wax paper, wax leaves, and some light ironing with adult supervision. It turned into a pretty cute, eye-catching suncatcher for our patio door.

3. An Easy Apple Cake Recipe by Andrea Thorpe

This was a delicious recipe submitted by Andrea (from African American Homeschool Moms). So good, so delicious. If you love apples…again, here is another apple recipe in cake form you’re bound to get hooked on.

4. Fall Glitter Leaves and Thankfulness Garland Project

If you like leaves, glitter, and teaching young kids about thankfulness, you might like these activities. Videos are included in this post as well as I take you into my home and show I how I did these projects with my girl. This is one of my favorite fall crafts for preschool!

5. 10 Days of Fun Autumn Craft Activities for Young Kids

This is my ultimate 10-day craft activity for fall which includes lots of glue, construction paper, paints, and glitter.  I did this with my youngest daughter a few years ago and she loved all this fall, festive fun!

6. Fall Leaves Math Activity for Pre-K

Leaves are a lot of fun for littles, and during the fall I always enjoyed integrating leaves into our unit studies somehow. Videos are included on this one!

7. Scripture Wall Display

When thinking of homeschool fall activities for my girls, I try to tie in scripture and values where I can and pick up items on the cheap for art and crafts. (I believe I got most of these items from the dollar section at Target.) Here was an inexpensive craft project I did with my daughter a few years ago.

8. Pumpkin Sink or Float by Mary Kate Warner

Any time we can turn pumpkins into a chance to learn while enjoying a  yummy treat, I’m all for it! Mary Kate’s science experiment made the cut for this fall activities lineup! So, there you go- 8+ activities from this blog that can help you connect a fall theme with what you’re doing in your homeschool. I hope this helps to get your wheels turning.

Happy Fall!