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It’s that time again- goal-setting time! I give you an up-close and personal look into my thoughts about my family, raising my daughters for the Lord, and the homeschool goals I have in teaching each of them.

It’s really important to have goals so that homeschooling even makes sense.

Goal #1: Love God with all of her heart, mind, and soul.

I want to teach my daughters my faith, and I want them to be nurtured in the ways of the Lord.

One idea I have is to establish a “prayer time” in her room during some school days.  For example, I’ll plan to have her (my oldest daughter) set up time to listen to worship, pens and highlighters and her bible.

I want to train my girls to attune their ears to hear from God.  Sometimes this is best met with a series of daytime routines that lead them toward God- like a daily prayer time.

Goal #2: To have a continual heart of service.

Another one of my homeschool goals is that I want my girls to learn to have a heart of service and to reach out and help when needed and without being asked.

We are currently supporting a little girl through Compassion International and my daughter is her sponsor.  This helps her to see how others live and to have empathy for other kids.  (The cool thing is that this little girl she sponsor shares the exact same birthday as her!)

I’m also working on teaching the kids to help me out around the house.  My first goal with that is to label my cabinets so everyone knows where everything is.

Another thing I’m doing is making a journal on how I’m cleaning the house in each and every room.  Everything– from sweeping, mopping, wiping down counters, cleaning toilet bowls, wiping down mirrors.  Everything.

This will help me to create a productive chore list for the kids.   There are definitely some ways to get kids involved in cleaning routines, so I want to be sure I’m teaching those principles.

Goal #3: Teach my kids to care for their bodies.

Another homeschool goal I have is that I want to prepare my girls for the changes that’s ahead of them as they get older.

Basic hygiene: cleaning the ears, doing her own hair, taking care of her skin, clipping nails, exercise regime- these are all things we take for granted as adults, but we sometimes forget that our kids need the training in these areas.

(**UPDATE: I talked about that with Chasity Champion on a recent podcast. We discussed how to help our kids get to work through learning to do chores– mess-ups and all. They need the experience, and we need to lighten our loads as moms.**)

I also want her to take care of her own clothes, launder and hang them up.

Goal #4: Have a positive outlook on life

I want to maintain confidence in herself through Christ, to gain confidence in people around her who love her, and to pretty much have an optimistic outlook on life.

Sometimes as girls get older (in the tween/teen years) we really have to be careful to keep an eye on them and make sure they are okay emotionally.  It takes observing our kids and checking in with them constantly.

Goal #5: To nourish her love for art and music

Because these are specific talents God has given her I will need to focus on those more this year.

Enjoy the videos!

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