Homeschool Information

This website is for you- the Christian homeschool mom– to understand what kind of decision you are making with home education, and to appreciate the journey. I enjoy researching and digging for information that will help all of us to homeschool with more clarity.

I am always adding to these resources which I pray will be a blessing to you as you delve into homeschooling. As you search this website, you’ll find many posts about homeschooling laws and regulations and how to start homeschooling.  Those categories will be of special importance to you if you’re just starting out with homeschooling.

Be sure to check out my how to homeschool page for a comprehensive list of my startup resources and homeschool information.

I’ve learned so much on this journey as I trek along with all of you, so you’ll see me up close and personal in my homeschool videos as I show you around my home and what my kids and I learning that works for us (and the things that don’t work so well, too!)

I pray that you enjoy the resources. Meanwhile, please check out my Homeschool Boss Mama Goal Planner Course.

Homeschool Boss Mama Goal Planner