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Now that my 10 year old daughter is an official “tween” I’ve been noticing her sleep patterns shift.  She can go to bed super early and still end up sleeping super late the next morning- sometimes past morning!  And you know what I think about it?  I think it’s absolutely okay! Homeschool kids sleep…and I love it!

You know, that’s why I love homeschooling.  Flexibility for my children’s needs is one of the major perks of keeping them home.  Many kids in school today are getting far less sleep than they need, and apparently are about 10 hours a week behind!  Can you imagine needing to catch up on 10 hours of sleep each week?  (Well, if you have children, at some point you had a newborn baby, so I’m sure you know how that feels).  But to think that today’s typical teen is pushing through classes and social issues running on little to no sleep helps me see clearly why our schools are such a mess.  Kids can’t cooperate with their teachers or with each other when they’re living on a cloud of sleep deprivation.

But just to be fair, this is not just my opinion.  A study was conducted that proves homeschool students actually sleep better, specifically teens.  This homeschool research study shows this:

adolescent homeschooled students slept an average of 90 minutes more per night than public and private school students, who were in class an average of 18 minutes before homeschooled children even awoke. (quote from sleep psychologist, Lisa Melzer, PhD at


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