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(Although I was compensated for my time on this post, my opinions here are honest- whether positive or not.  I always strive for honesty and I’m never required nor coerced into posting a positive review.)

Does your homeschool scheduling drive you crazy?

Every year I feel the burn of creating and keeping up with our scheduling.  I don’t like schedules, I prefer routine.  Yet I need something consistent that I can take on the go, and I likely won’t take my homeschool planners with me to the homeschool co-op or park day.I like to be on top of things, to know what’s happening in our homeschool each week and to keep track of those “schedules’ without feeling boxed-in to a schedule!Do you just ever feel the need for a planner that is concise and all in one spot, yet flexible enough that you can have it on the go? 

Enter: Flexible School Schedule

If you’re a homeschool family that likes to support companies that understand your needs, then this is the company to support.  When I discovered what founders Phillip Gore and his wife Lanaya have come up with to support busy homeschoolers to be able to accomplish homeschool planning flexibly, I was excited to share this product.

Those of you who do know me remember that although I love pen and paper homeschool planning, I also have a tendency to ignore things that need to get done unless it’s in front of me in an app of some sort.

A flexible School Schedule would allow me the best of both worlds. I hate feeling like I’m glued to a schedule, and yet I still have the need for a consistent routine.  When I write my routines down I feel great about it, only I don’t always take my notebooks with me on the go.

Here are a few reasons I wanted to share this app.

Get homeschool planning done more easily (and track progress)

I have a busy life as a mompreneur. Business life and homeschool life have to mix for me- which means I need a homeschool plan so that I stay organized on both fronts.  Since I love taking notes in Google Drive, I tend to have unorganized files all over my drive (although I’m working on getting them organized into folders).

What I like about the Flexible School Scheduling is that it allows me the chance to jot down my ideas on a scratchpad. I can gather my thoughts on the fly so that I don’t forget. I also have tons of resources that I either write down in a notebook here, a planner there, and Google Drive folders everywhere.  I love the idea that I could have one spot to enter my video links, websites, book lists, and YouTube videos that help support our homeschool courses. Plus, planning my kids’ school year based on timeframes rather than specific dates gives me the flexibility I need to change things as I go along.

Be more flexible with your scheduling and homeschool planning.

I’m an avid fan of flexible homeschool routines.  Because homeschooling is rarely rigid and children tend to go at their own pace, having a planning system that supports flexibility is important. A flexible school Schedule allows a mom to speed up or slow down according to the pace of her family.

I think it’s pretty cool that this app allows parents the additional option of homeschool planning by the term (amount of times per week or term a subject is covered) rather than strictly by the date.  We all know that those dates get pushed back all the time- due to doctor’s appointments, outings and field trips, or just plain life.  Life happens and we need planners that roll with us and life.

Like what you see?

As you can see, this is a pretty cool project and an app that I think many homeschool families will benefit from.

If your curiosity is peaked at this point, I invite you to head over to the kickstarter for Flexible School Schedule and contribute to the fund.

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