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This week, I truly enjoyed talking to Anita Kroeker, founder of the Homeschool With Heart Online Summit.

On this episode, I interview Anita Kroeker, a Christian homeschool mom of 2. Originally from Germany, she’s a lover of all things baked especially bread. She’s wife to her South Korean Sweetheart, and lives in beautiful Colorado. After teaching in public schools for more than 15 years (in Germany, South Korea, Mexico and USA), she couldn’t help but realize some of the flaws of the public school system and wanted something different for her own children. Hence, she started the exciting journey of homeschooling.

What Anita and I chatted about…

  • How Anita (from Germany) and her husband (from South Korea) with her children (ages 2 and 5) have settled into Colorado and how the Lord paved the way for them to relocate to their new home.
  • What her life was like as an elementary school teacher. She taught in four countries: Mexico, Germany, South Korea, United States. She was always excited to watch her children learn.
  • The turning point in her life toward homeschooling happened when she had her own children. She felt a calling as a mother and began to feel some disparity with working in the public school systems in the U.S. She began to desire to help parents specifically in order to keep the home environment intact so that kids could have better learning. 
  • The sorts of things moms can do to work with the heart of the child, other than just behavior. Children are like plants and behavior are like fruit. It’s important to understand where to place priorities in tending to the hearts of our children.

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The goal of this summit is to help Christian homeschool mamas help their kids learn better and homeschool with confidence and peace. For 5 days, January 29th – February 2nd 2023, Anita of Aspen Tree Nest is bringing you presentations from 15 homeschool and parenting experts who have found ways to help their kids learn better and homeschool with confidence and peace. You’ll hear about everything from how to find your unique homeschool goals and rhythm, how to deal with sibling conflicts, how to simplify your homeschool, how you can raise your kids to know God, and more. I’m honored to be one of those mamas, and I’ll be speaking at the summit as well!

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Thanks for listening and watching!

I truly love to chat with homeschool moms of faith. If you are a new homeschooler I certainly hope you’ve found Anita’s words and her homeschool story encouraging. Be sure to check out some of my other homeschool podcasts as well.

That’s what homeschool moms do – we help one another!

Until next time…happy homeschooling.