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Today’s interview is with Lee Binz, The Home Scholar, who will help guide us through many of the questions we might have about transcripts, scholarships, high school credits, and getting into select colleges.

Lee’s mission is “helping parents homeschool high school.”  Lee and her husband Matt homeschooled their two sons from elementary through high school.  Upon graduation, both boys received four-year, full-tuition scholarships from their first choice university.  Now Lee pursues her dream job – encouraging parents to homeschool their children through high school.  Lee’s Homeschool Transcript Solution teaches parents how to create high school transcripts for every homeschool style.  Her free HomeScholar Helper newsletter provides monthly encouragement and support.  You can get a daily dose of high school help online at

We start out the interview with one of Lee’s favorite bible passages: Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

In the next portion of our interview, Lee shares with us some interesting facts about her family and their homeschooling journey.

What Lee Binz and I talked about

  • Lee homeschooled her boys from around 5th grade through high school.
  • She used a literature-based homeschooling method – a blend of Charlotte Mason and Classical.
  • Lee desires to help other women through encouragement and support now that she has graduated her own sons.

Keys to getting our kids a scholarship to college

  • Providing a college-prep education for our kids.
  • Choosing a curriculum that is a good fit for your children.
  • Incorporating test prep  into your homeschool (SAT and ACT)
  • Providing good transcript records (with detailed course descriptions.) She stresses the importance of thinking about transcripts and course descriptions beginning in junior high.
  • Focusing on character development.

Lee believes that character is a very important aspect of college entrance.

Lee Binz homeschooling high school

Why is it important to start thinking bout transcripts and high school?

  • Think about high school beginning around 5th grade so that you have a plan.
  • Eliminate fears.
  • Eliminate the last-minute pressure.

What do we do when teaching a subject becomes too difficult for us (the teacher)?

  • Recognize that every parent will indefinitely get to that place where you cannot teach a subject anymore.
  • Our role as parents changes over time as children get older. During the high school period, our role becomes a facilitator or project manager as opposed to a teacher.
  • Because homeschooled students are used to teaching themselves, they actually fair better in college.

A few Curriculum Favorites (by Lee Binz) 

Lee recommends allowing your students to preview the curriculum before purchasing and getting their feedback.

Credits, Transcripts, and Test-taking

  • Lee gives us some tips on how to calculate credits.
  • For more information, check out Lee’s book on Grades, Credits, and Transcripts.
  • She gives us some tips on how to prepare for standardized tests.
  • Standardized tests can help our students to learn test-taking skills.

Test-taking Resources Lee Binz recommends:

She also discusses with us the difference between a GED and a high school diploma.

How we can ensure that our students can be admitted to the college of their choice?

  • Colleges are longing for well-educated young people who are prepared.
  • Colleges rely on the ACT/SAT tests as well as their course descriptions.
  • Letters of recommendation are important.
  • Volunteer and work experience is very helpful.

Lee’s Resources


TheHomescholar Freebies– Training and Guides

The HomeScholar Guide to College Admissions and Scholarships 

Setting the Record Straight

Coffeebreak books (for your Kindle)


The Gold Care Club – Lee offers personal coaching to help you through the steps

Lee Binz’s final words of encouragement to our Christian Homeschool Moms listeners:

As long as you know your child you should trust yourself.

You can contact Lee Binz at