If you’re worried about whether or not it is okay to homeschool in your state, then relax! It is not only perfectly legal, but there are over 1 million homeschooling students alone in the United States today (and possibly a growing number in other countries as well- which include Wales, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and Australia).

Homeschooling laws do differ from state to state (as well as country) but are completely legal, and in many cases (depending on your state), very lenient. (Some states have more stringent laws than others, such as New York, but it is still doable for many New York homeschoolers).

Homeschooling Laws

Also, keep in mind that homeschooling laws might affect your methodology or your chosen curriculum– so know what your laws are upfront, and then design your curriculum and work schedule from there. The most stringent states simply require that certain subjects be taught. These are most likely subjects you will be teaching anyway – so, really…no sweat. You might also be required by your state to log a certain number of hours teaching each day. Again, this is doable, especially when you consider the vast array of educational opportunities available for homeschoolers and opportunities in the community that can also count as education (in addition to coursework).

So, don’t let homeschooling laws scare you off — it is perfectly doable to adjust your schedule to meet the laws and requirements while maintaining your sanity and keeping your kids well rounded.

Homeschooling state laws might include things such as keeping logs and portfolios of your students’ work. Other states might actually require standardized testing.

IMPORTANT: For a list of your state requirements visit the Homeschool Legal Defense site, and click on your state. This is a really important aspect of research that you don’t want to miss.  It is important to stay knowledgeable about your laws and your state requirements.

For more information about whether homeschooling is legal or not, you can view my Youtube video on Is Homeschooling Legal?  Also, check out the United States and World Homeschooling Map to see an overview of the level of regulation in each state.