I’m excited to offer this 5 Day Guide For Homeschooling Middle School!

I have a middle school daughter and understand that many moms begin to draw a blank when we get to this age group.  After all, our kids are now budding teens and our relationships with our kids are beginning to change. It’s at this point that homeschooling also begins to change. Homeschooling middle school begins the transition.

So, what do we do with our changing kiddos? How do we ensure we’re homeschooling them adequately?  How do we know our kids are getting what they need at home, now that they’re getting older and more complex and their needs are changing?

This 5-day blog hopscotch is a partnership with the iHomeschool Network, and I’m happy to jump in the game and offer my 2 cents about what I’ve learned about homeschooling middle school for the past 2 1/2 years.


Encouraging Middle School Homeschoolers To Ask Questions

This post is all about the important questions you should have your student ask themselves when learning any topic. And it’s about the importance of questions in general.  They turn out a wiser student when they’re able to ask these five important things.


Helping Middle School Students to Establish Routines 

 It’s amazing the kind of routines we moms forget to think about (like body care!), but it’s all here in this post.  I also talk about how to help our students learn to establish learning routines when mom is away from home.  Can we trust our middle school students to stay home and get their work done?


Helping Middle Schoolers Commit To Homeschooling

It’s all about setting expectations and developing study habits that speak true commitment.  Heart attitudes are important too.  I cover all of this in detail in this post.

Homeschooling Middle School


Why Homeschool  Socialization is Important After All

 Many homeschoolers balk at the idea of outsiders looking into homeschooling who ask the forbidden question which contains the “S” word.  Socialization is, however, inevitable, needed, and a part of our daily lives as humans.  We are all socialized in one way or another.  The question remains “How can we provide better socialization opportunities for our middle school students”?  The tween and teen years are an especially important time to begin considering the socialization question.


Preparing for High School & Beyond

What are some points to consider when preparing for high school? I’m in that stage now with my middle schooler who is about to embark on her high school journey next year. Journey with me as I discover key resources that are helping me to muddle through the many choices and get clearer on how to make decisions about her years to come.

I hope these resources help you tremendously in homeschooling middle school. For more information, check out this middle school video.