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Life as a mompreneur and a homeschool mom is definitely a challenge- but it is possible.  I hope to encourage you that if you feel called to building a business, you can pursue your dreams and not feel torn between deciding either/ or homeschooling. Why can’t we have both? Entrepreneurship and homeschooling.

If you feel that God is calling you to both mompreneurship (being a mom entrepreneur) while homeschooling your children, I have resources to help! Many moms today are finding the two choices are blending quite beautifully for their families.

Finally, a monthly coaching club just for you! Introducing the Mompreneurs In Heels Business Club.

Mompreneurs in Heels Business Club

Meet me for one hour once per month on a group Zoom call as we uncover business and blogging concepts from my book, Mompreneurs In Heels: A Guide to Passionate, Purposeful Blogging.

Welcome to your virtual monthly support for entrepreneurial moms.

This is a club just for homeschool mompreneurs, teaching you how to launch and grow an online business.

In the beginning, we’ll spend some time talking about blogging. In other meetings, we’ll talk about SEO or social media, and yet in other meetings, we’ll talk about creating digital products or creating a valuable service for your audience.

We’ll cover so much in our time together…and we’ll meet only once per month to give you time to implement. As a member, you’ll have access to all previous meetings, including any bonus business courses.

I’ll help you jumpstart your business ideas and get you started in the direction of building out your blog, creating content, and forming a community. Sign up below!

Why the Mompreneurs in Heels Business Club?

✔You want to share your message with an audience who can’t wait to hear from you.

You want to learn techniques for growing your blog and your online business.

You want to learn how to create content that captivates your audience.

You desire to make money with a blog.

Mompreneurs In Heels, A Guide to Passionate, Purposeful Blogging

What readers are saying about the book…

NaArrah Rollinson
“This book is a must for the all new mompreneurs. The book specifically addresses blogging but there are also many encouraging points for any mom in business. It is very user friendly and makes running a successful blog very attainable. You will find no fluff here but practical steps you can begin using right away. This book spoke directly to my heart as a mom wanting to work from home. I am so glad that I made this purchase.”
— Na’Arah Rollinson, Rollinson Company
“A must-read for the business minded mom! More and more creative women wish to launch a business, but many of us are unsure of how to do so. Where do we begin? How do we reach our target audience? What happens if we encounter a problem along the way? Enter Demetria Zinga and her new book Mompreneurs in Heels. In this step-by-step book, Demetria, a blogging and business expert, walks beside the budding entrepreneur to help her plan and execute her business vetnure. Within every chapter, Demetria goes into great detail to help readers easily understand and confidently move through process of taking a business idea from brainstorming to branding. Mompreneurs in Heels covers it all from the emotional to the technical and everything in between. It’s a must read for moms who wish to go into business!”
— Andrea Thorpe, African American Homeschool Moms
“All of this!! As a Mompreneur myself, it makes me smile to see books like this! I recommend this book to any woman who is ready to establish her own empire. The processes and advices that Demetria gives here is exactly what she says it is — coaching in a book! From naming your blog to celebrating your accomplishments, Demetria takes the time to share her expertise as not only a blogger, but as a business woman in general who doesn’t leave the home out either.”
— Tammie Polk

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Mompreneurs In Heels Business Club

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