Life is an interesting thing. There is so much we plan for that doesn’t happen and so much that isn’t planned for that does, yet oftentimes it is all a blessing. Like many homeschooling moms I have a schedule for our school time -but that rarely happens as it has been planned.

  •  Someone got into mud somehow and needs a bath before school time instead of after dinner.
  •  A friend calls and needs a hand, cutting school short.
  •  Making breakfast turns into a lesson in cooking and becomes brunch (instead of starting handwriting).

I didn’t plan to do homeschooling year-round but it turns out that is what I am doing.

Unfortunately, schooling through the summer is not as easy as I had thought it would be. There are birthdays and family visits, friends that drop by during school time and fun pool/water events to go to as well. Somehow a “just one time won’t hurt” turns into “what happened to the summer, and how am I so behind?”

The thought that summer schooling would be just like the rest of the year apparently is a common misconception.

So now that we know that summer time is not like the rest of the year what do we do with that? Well for my family, I have found that dropping some of the school subjects from every day to every other day and picking up more fun days works well. When I say “fun days” I am referring to the random visits from neighborhood kids to go out and play, trips to the water parks, and visits with family from out of town.
Schooling during the summer actually takes more conscious thought on balancing the fun and the school than the rest of the year.

Occasionally a day of Saturday school is thrown in too but that mainly depends on you and your children’s goals and how your planned curriculum for that year goes. I know that not everyone has a written down day-to-day plan, but most still have a yearly goal list for that school year. Using that list, you can look at the time you have before the planned start of the next school year and backtrack the weeks to get an idea of what you are looking at for workload. I find that having a written plan I can hold in my hand helps me stay on track. Some may find that keeping a checklist for every month in their phone would help more. How you keep your list for the summer depends on you, but try to set up summer goals to help you achieve your yearly goals.

Despite schooling year-round your children will still get their summer break; it just won’t look exactly the same as public school children’s breaks. Breaks, too, are individualized just like their schooling, and it makes the summer time a better time.

No sudden boredom towards the end of the summer and no struggle to remember new concepts just introduced before summer when school starts up again.

In all of this, it is most important to have fun with your family and cherish memories made now.

Even if you didn’t plan to school year-round, you certainly can- and everyone can succeed in this change of plans.


About Rachel Niskanen

Rachel is a stay at home mother of 8 year old twins (one boy and one girl) and a 5 ½ year old knight in training. Her homeschooling adventure started when her twins were two, and her husband deployed for a year. With a new born in the house and Daddy gone the twins needed a little something to preoccupy them. Enter the idea to do preschool in the home. Once she started she didn’t stop and it has been one blessing after another since. Her husband is a Navy veteran and is currently serving in the Army National Guard while going to college. It was through her husband that Rachel came back to God and she has ever since been in awe of His love and mercy. Rachel enjoys serving in the church by helping with the young children and also with the vacation bible school. An enthusiastic animal lover, when she is not schooling her kids or trying to keep up on the house work she can be found out training her dogs or cuddling with a cat while reading.

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