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This podcast is all about the encouragement we moms sometimes need to teach our children God’s Word.  Don’t forget to press the play button for the podcast audio or subscribe on Itunes.

In our busy-ness of mom life, it can oftentimes be difficult to figure out how to fit teaching God’s Word to our kids into our hectic schedules.

No judgments here, I’m in the same boat.

Why is God’s Word so important in busy families?

I’ve found that with both kids super busy with music lessons, extracurricular classes, and church involvement this year, our time together as a family has become stretched, including our time in God’s Word.

I’ve had to take some deliberate steps in order to keep bible study and family time a major focus in our family despite our busy schedule, and I started by giving myself some concrete reasons to teach God’s Word to my children.

Teaching Our Kids God's Word

God’s Word gives them security.

To always know that you have a God who loves you, who will never let you down, who has your future in His hands, and who only has your best interest at heart- is a major security blanket for one’s soul.

Imagine a child wakes up every morning with this knowledge.

Don’t you think this type of security will affect the way he sees life, and ultimately, his behavior and attitude?

God gives us security and our children feel this as well.

God’s Word helps them through life challenges.

Let’s be real, moms: there will be days that you and I just won’t be there.  Our kids are growing up, and whether we like it or not, they are growing up quickly.  We need to support them by giving our kids the type of spiritual support that will enable them to independently grow on their own.

As they go through challenges at each stage of their lives, our kids are more equipped to deal with them because God’s Word is hidden neatly and tucked away in their hearts. Through whatever they are going through two years, five years, or ten years from now, our kids will remember that God is with them.

They will pull up scripture from memory and apply it to their particular challenge because we, moms and dads, were instrumental in planting the seed of God’s word into their hearts. We’ve always enjoyed Awana programs and Scripture Lullabies.

Their future depends on it.

If our kids will grow up in the faith, teaching them the bible today is paramount.

What other religions do you know of that don’t teach their children their faith? They start teaching very early on.

It’s important that we don’t wait until they are teens to begin telling them about Jesus and teaching them the ways of the Lord. If you have little ones, start now by reading the bible to them, playing bible games with them, and looking up scripture together.

Make it fun and exciting and challenging, because, ultimately, their future depends on it.

The seeds of God’s Word that we plant in their hearts will stay with them for life, and our hope is that they will pass the faith down to their children and to future generations.

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