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Julie Bogart is the creator and owner of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program. Julie loves writing, kids, and parents, and her mission through Brave Writer is to empower parents to be writing coaches for their kids.  She is a mother of 5 adult children and homeschooled for 17 years full time.

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Listen in to my interview with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer!

Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy our conversation about ways to bring peace into our homeschools!

Summary of our conversation

In this podcast episode, we talked about:

  • How Brave Writer came to be
  • The essence of Big Juicy Conversations (narration)
  • Different ways to think outside of the box when teaching writing
  • The difference between homeschool schedules vs. routines
  • Self-care for moms
  • How Charlotte Mason has influenced Julie’s educational outlook
  • Allowing room for our children’s passions
  • How to have poetry tea times
  • Julie’s advice for homeschool moms
Julie Bogart of Brave Writer

Awesome Quotes by Julie

“Narration at its best is showing off.”

“Inspiration is not a lengthy visitor.”

“Go out and be an awesome adult so that your kids can see that adulthood holds treasures waiting for them.”

“The only 3 things we can give our kids are: help them connect to resources, spend money on them, and drive them places.”

“Poetry is simply this rich representation of inner life put in musical language.”

“The best way to solve challenges in homeschool is to reconnect to your home environment, making the home a safe nurturing space to live in.”

“Whenever anything goes wrong, add brownies.”

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