I received this book from Zondervan recently.  I admit: I already have so many children’s bibles.  I almost hesitated to review this one since I’ve reviewed many others and my 9 year old already has two that she uses regularly.

But once she actually saw the bible, she was hooked.

Kids’ Visual Study Bible by Zondervan

Zondervan has some wonderful products.  There are a few things I really love about this particular bible: the Kids’ Visual Study Bible.

And for you visual folks, here’s a video review also! 🙂

Amazing pictures

This bible’s illustrations are excellent! I asked my daughter what she loved best about this bible, and that was her answer: the pictures.  When you have a visual learner, images are everything.

They are beautiful, crystal clear, colorful, and just a touch whimsical to have that child-like vibe- yet serious enough to demand some major respect.  I love the illustrations.

Info sidebars

The information on the sidebars of each page help a child to zone in on key scriptures for better understanding of the passage of text.

I think maturing kids can appreciate this extra bit of bible helps as they start to ask deeper questions about the bible.  I also found the info to be quite engaging for my own use!

Book Overviews and Synopses

If there is anything I really appreciate about a good bible, it’s one that gives me a general overview of what I’m reading before I dive in.  I have some good personal study bibles that offer this and it’s great to see this in kids’ bibles.

The synopsis of each book of the Kids’ Visual Study Bible is short and sweet, yet meaty enough for a kid to really formulate an idea of what’s ahead.  My daughter gets the who, what, when, and where of each book of the bible and she feels she has a roadmap to her studies.


I’m a map person and I love that it’s easier to show my daughter exactly where the events of the bible take place.  This bible has plenty of maps, both in the back of the book and also sprinkled throughout the pages.

In conclusion

One thing I would have liked this bible to have that it doesn’t is a section for devotionals. Sure, it’s a study bible and not a devotional bible, but just a bit of opportunity for kids to answer key questions might add an even deeper layer to the meaning of study bible.

That is my only complaint- and then it’s not really a complaint-just more of an observation.  I do think this bible stands well on its own.

In conclusion, check out the Zondervan Kids’ Visual Study Bible for yourself and see if you might want to add this beautifully designed bible for your children.

Disclosure: As I share my review with you,  please know that I have been compensated for my time and that I received this product for free. Opinions I express with you- either positive or negative- are honest and completely mine :-).

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