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What’s your child’s learning style?

This podcast is all about helping you to discover your child’s learning style. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate learning style information. With two kids who have completely opposite and unique learning styles, learning about how my kids learn has helped me in delivering the best to them in homeschooling.

Here is an overview of the seven main types of learning styles.

Visual/Spatial Learning

The visual/spatial learner prefers using spatial understanding and relies on pictures and images to enhance their learning. These kids love watching experiments and demonstrations. They enjoy YouTube videos for learning and might lean heavily toward an image-based curriculum. They prefer pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Sometimes bright and colorful, sometimes black and white, images help to liven up their learning experience.

Auditory Learning Styles

These particular students might be more attentive, and prefer to hear their stories read aloud, listen to audiobooks and dramas, or even music. Some kids thrive best by listening rather than moving around a lot.

Verbal/Linguistic Learning Styles

Linguistic kids love to talk. They’re chatty, they love manipulating words, creating new silly words, spelling words, playing word games, telling rhymes, writing stories. You might find them creating content to entertain and using their words to communicate their ideas more readily.


These kids prefer to use logic, reasoning, and systems. They might be your math-y types that seem to really catch on to math and logic quickly. They love to find out the how behind everything because there has just got to be a reasonably logical, even scientific explanation for it, right?  My youngest daughter loves to pull items apart and put them back together- if she can. So if you find you have a few broken items lying around your house and it was pre-contemplated by your kids, then you might have a logical explorer type on your hands. 🙂

Physical/Kinesthetic Learning Styles

A kinesthetic kid will have to burn his energy. He might like to turn flips, stand on his head, or swing from trees. She might be a super crafter or enjoy plush toys and making slime.  Kinesthetic kids prefer to use bodily movement and touch to learn best.

What are your children's learning styles


If you have a social butterfly, she may flutter from one group of friends to the next in her social circles, she might be chatty, outgoing, or witty. Social kids get their energy from being around other kids and thrive off the energy they play off one another. They oftentimes learn best in group environments, working on projects with others as they talk through things and bounce ideas off one another. Project-based learning works great with these learners.

Solitary/Intrapersonal Learning Styles

Solitary kids may prefer to work alone in self-study and get their energy juice from doing things independently without the interruptions of being in a group. They are more intrapersonal and may prefer to work alone and can think better and work through problems more efficiently on their own. They also tend to be creative types who need just that extra space filled up with silence or their own thoughts. They might crave space and solitude in order to unwind and recharge.

I hope this podcast has been helpful in giving you information to determine your children’s learning styles.

Happy homeschooling!