Meet Demetria

Hi, I’m Demetria, publisher of Christian Homeschool Moms.  I began this site out of a need to connect homeschooling moms with one another- offering inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and resources.

I often hear from other moms how much they need to be connected with other like-minded moms who are also on the similar path of home education.  It really helps to know what other moms are thinking, what curriculum they’ve used, and ideas they’ve had to help their home school.

As for me, I personally need connection with other homeschooling moms- just like you. I especially wanted to provide a place for homeschooling moms of faith to inspire one another to keep on going down this path to a wonderful, fulfilling journey- even on days when it doesn’t feel quite so fulfilling.

I believe our children will benefit from any amount of home education we can afford to give them- whether it be summer school, part-time homeschooling, homeschooling through only a few grades, or even homeschooling all the way through to high school and graduation.  What matters is the commitment we’ve made for those seasons in our family’s lives where our children are directly affected and influenced by our family values.

Even if it’s only for a short season, it truly makes a difference.

So, welcome to my info site on faith-based education for homeschool moms, and welcome to my home.  Since I can’t share homeschooling tips and advice without showing you what I do in my home, I’ve decided to let down my guard and give you an up-close and personal look at our homeschool.
So, here I am…introducing to you my home, my family, my life.

My (brief) homeschool story

I’m delighted to find myself (after wanting to be a teacher since I was five years old) currently teaching my own children.  It’s a rather unique twist of events, and I am loving every moment of it.

I did a lot of research in the early years (back before my oldest daughter was old enough for preschool), and I came to the very clear and precise decision that our family would “try”homeschooling out…at least for kindergarten.  We’d already been enjoying the freedom I had to watch my toddler learn and grow when I resigned my full-time job to be a stay at home mom.

Through that experience, I fell in love with the idea of being her main facilitator for learning, at least during her younger years.  I wasn’t quite ready to give up my baby to the public school system. So, by the time my daughter turned five, my husband and I had together decided that we would embark on the homeschooling journey.  Kindergarten came and went.  First grade flew quickly by (during which time I had a toddler on my hip, a beautiful addition to the family). By the time second and third grade zoomed on by, I hardly realized that our journey to “try” homeschooling had turned into a lifestyle for our family.

But here we are.  Not without our bumps and detours along the way…nonetheless, here we are.  And I am honored to look back on this treasure of childhood memories for my kids that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss, and beautiful acquaintances and friends we’ve met along the journey that would never have been in our lives had it not been for homeschooling.  So we’re honored.

Meet My Family

There are no words to describe how much the man in this picture means to me and our children. Not only is he a wonderful asset to the United States Navy, but he provides for our family in so many ways- and I am honored to be his wife.
My hubby adds much value to our family and our homeschool– teaching our children French and helping out with math games.  He also leads us in many bible studies and serves as a facilitator for bible games.  He likes to attempt to beat my oldest daughter at Sodoku when he can, helps the kids learn Chess, and enjoys helping her with playing piano and guitar.
I think our daughters’ artistic talents come from him since he draws pretty well.  He’s crazy in love with his kids and wifey and I love him SO much!
My oldest student is now a high school senior, currently in the 12th grade. She’s thoughtful and inquisitive, but also a dynamite waiting to happen.

She loves playing the piano, violin, ukulele, and guitar.  She enjoys both Christian (all genres, and more recently has found an interest in LeCrae and NF) and classical music, is on the worship team at our church youth group, and has been involved in a local homeschool choir and student-run music ensemble.

She loves to sing, draw, and read, read, read.  She’s been volunteering a lot around the community with kids’ programs and serving on the leadership team at church youth group, and has just been a blessing in our home and to others around us. She was also nominated for the National Junior Honor Society.

I’m really proud of her and excited for what God has in store for her future.

My youngest student is 11 years old and is creative, enthusiastic, full of energy and life.  She truly lives up to her name.

This girl brings so much happiness to our lives!  She is learning to play piano and is an excellent artist-in-training.  She loves to draw, write chapter books and short stories, and make videos for her YouTube channel.
She is also fully embracing her surroundings and the life within her.  My youngest is bright, funny, and full of zest!
So, that about wraps it up for this homeschool season of our lives.  If you’re just itching to find out more about us and how we got started on our homeschool journeys, check out our intro podcast episode and a bit about my homeschool journey.  And don’t forget to join the mailing list (you’ll get a free ebook I wrote where I tell you the whole shebang, the ins and outs of my homeschool journey and how I *almost* got burned out…but, fortunately for me, didn’t).
Thanks for taking time to read about my homeschool journey, and I hope to get to know you better on this blog.

My prayer for this website is that you will find it a peaceful reprieve- a place where you can reflect, recharge, and renew in your homeschooling journey.

If you have any questions, or if there are any resources you would like for me to add to this site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thanks, and happy homeschooling! 🙂

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