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I love to follow informative homeschool blogs because they encourage me and keep me motivated! I’d like to share a few blogs that I have followed and also introduce you to these beautiful ladies who have written for my blog over the years.  Be sure to follow each of them as they have much to offer homeschoolers!

But first- who are we?  In case you haven’t read more info about this blog, here’s a brief synopsis of what I aim to bring here.

Christian Homeschool Moms is dedicated to helping each other continue home education.  We are homeschooling moms who love God and want to share God’s love with our children. We also aim to encourage other homeschooling moms of faith to continue down the journey of home education…to hang in there even when the going gets tough. We provide practical tips and helps on how to do just that!

Check out a few of these homeschool blogs and bloggers to help you in your homeschool journey.

Andrea Thorpe- Contributing Writer

Andrea is a Christian, lifelong Jersey girl, blessed wife, and mother of three darling daughters. She maintains a blog at Embracing Him where she writes about faith, family, food, and homeschooling. She also runs the African American Homeschool Moms website and Facebook page, a bountiful resource for black homeschooling moms. A former public school teacher turned passionate home educator, Andrea loves teaching her lively trio in the comfort of their home. When not homeschooling or working at her computer, Andrea can be found hanging out with friends and family, serving in the children’s ministries at her church, cheering loudly at track meets and soccer games, cooking up great dishes in the kitchen, and zipping down the highway in her well-loved minivan.


Gabriella Volpe- Contributing Writer


Gabriella Volpe is a homeschooling mom of a child with special needs, a former public school teacher, and the homeschool consultant for families of children with special needs.  She knows first-hand what it means to struggle with educational planning for a child who does not fit the system and is limited by resources and products intended for children without disabilities.

She is a crafter, planner and visionary.  When she has a spare moment she experiments with herbology, finds herself in meditation, and stretches her limits with yoga.  She credits her achievements to her family and friends who have always been present and supportive, and to God, whom she learned to turn to since the birth of her son.  She keeps this passage very close to her heart:

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Gabriella inspires parents to find ways to adapt and modify the curriculum so they don’t have to spend hours figuring it out on their own.  But, really, she’s on a quest to fuel families with hope to keep them moving forward in their homeschool calling.

You can find her at


Nikisha Ware- Contributing Writer

 Nikisha Ware is a born-again mom and new homeschooler of three boys, 7, 8, and 9. She lives in Jackson, MS, and was a university administrator and grant writer before homeschooling. Nikisha’s encounter with Jesus in July 2012 motivated her to make many major life-changing decisions—one of which was to leave her 6-figure salary and be a full-time mom. Drawing on her experiences as an educator with nearly 20 years of experience, Nikisha enjoys meeting her sons’ diverse needs and catering to their learning styles. In addition to hanging out with her sons, she loves to talk with mothers about depending on God for strength and joy as they serve their families.

Nikisha substitutes at a local homeschooling program that is designed to prepare young students for the logic and rhetoric stages of their Christian classical education. She also enjoys serving on her church’s praise team and in the children’s ministry as well as in various community mission projects. When she’s not teaching, you can find her laughing, reading, traveling, freelancing, or growing her husband’s piano tuning and consulting businesses. More about Nikisha may be found at


Rachel Niskanen- Contributing Writer

Rachel is a stay-at-home mother of 7-year-old twins (one boy and one girl) and a 4 ½-year-old knight in training. Her homeschooling adventure started when her twins were two, and her husband deployed for a year. With a newborn in the house and Daddy gone, the twins needed a little something to preoccupy them. Enter the idea to do preschool in the home. Once she started she didn’t stop and it has been one blessing after another since. Her husband is a Navy veteran and is currently serving in the Army National Guard while going to college. It was through her husband that Rachel came back to God and she has ever since been in awe of His love and mercy. Rachel enjoys serving in the church by helping with the young children and also with the vacation bible school. An enthusiastic animal lover, when she is not schooling her kids or trying to keep up on the housework she can be found out training her dogs or cuddling with a cat while reading.


Robin Pearson- Contributing Writer

“I started my editorial career almost 20 years ago with Houghton Mifflin Company. After Hubby and I had our first child we returned to our southern roots and I started focusing on my baby’s first words rather than the words in a textbook. I still had a love for editing and writing, however, and as our family grew, so did my need to find an outlet where I could find “me” in it. That “outlet” turned into my debut novel, A Long Time Comin’, which I hope to get published soon. Over the years God has blessed me with opportunities to edit and write for school publishers, magazines, fiction, and nonfiction. Recently, He led me to share my adventures in faith, family and freelancing on my website,, but for the most part, I use my time cuddling up with my lovely husband of 20 years, homeschooling our seven children, and dusting off our two neglected poodles.”


Tammie Polk- Contributing Writer


Tammie is a wife and mother of three girls, ages 11, 6, and 1 from Memphis, TN. She began her homeschool journey in 2008 and has worked as both a private and charter school educator as well as a substitute teacher. She is an eclectic homeschooler and enjoys tailoring curriculum to meet the needs of her children, one of whom is special needs. She maintains a blog, Atkah’s Choice and also writes for Learning Tangent Magazine. She is also in the process of starting her homeschool consulting and tutoring business.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing books and devotionals, creating educational board games and lesson plans, serving in the choir and other ministries at the Crossroads Baptist Church, traveling, and spending time with her family.


Shireen Stephenson- Contributing Writer

Shireen is a first-generation homeschooling mother and wife. She and her husband have two kids whom they homeschooled from K-12. Both are now in college. Homeschooling high school was a great challenge and her aim is to encourage and support other homeschooling mothers and wives in their journeys. She endeavors to also provide lesson plans and ideas for all grades. It is her aim that her thorough vetting of lesson plans, curriculum, and info about college applications will help make life easier for other mothers as they tend to their families and lives.
In her spare time(when she has any) she likes to drum out some music on the piano or make something good to eat.


Gabrielle (Gabby) Daigle- Contributing Writer

Mama Gab

Gabby writes at MamaGab, where she loves to encourage moms in their hearts for their homes, husbands, children, and the Lord.  She loves to encourage in this same way in her local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Ministry, which she currently coordinates.

She spent a brief time teaching at a Classical school and then began teaching high school English at a public school before becoming a stay-at-home mom.   With a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 5-year-old, Gabby has spent the past 5 years surrounded by diapers and spit-up, and there’s nowhere else she would rather be.

You can find Gabby honestly sharing the joys and struggles of motherhood on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


Donna Marie Johnson- Contributing Writer

Donna Marie Johnson is a wife, homeschool mom, and marketing consultant and trainer who inspires and empowers women leaders to #MarketLikeAQueen. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia USA and works with clients online, by phone and in person. She invites you to ask her for a free marketing clarity session on her main website at

The God-given purpose and vision which guides her family’s homeschool and her business is based in the Holy Bible’s first book: Genesis 12:2-3; which shows us that just as God gifted Christ Jesus into this world to bless the whole world, He has also gifted Christ-like-ones, or Christians, to bless and change the world. As a mom of children who are gifted and who have special needs, she totally gets that schooling at home does not look the same for everyone. So this understanding makes her very passionate about encouraging home educators to seek God for wisdom on his purpose for their homeschool and direction on how it is going to look day by day by day.


Stephanie Catlett- Contributing Writer

Stephanie is the mother of three spectacular children. As a Pastor’s wife, she has a strong desire to share Bible-based lessons with her children just as her parents did when she was a young child. Homeschooling is a huge part of her family life for going on six years now.

Writing books is Stephanie’s “other” job and she is the proud Author and Illustrator of five children’s books with more on the way.

Stephanie believes that inspiration is everywhere and that dreams do come true! Get ready to be inspired, laugh, and dream big dreams. Enjoying every moment of the “mom” life is what Stephanie is all about.

You can find Stephanie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog.


Enjoy these many mamas and check out their homeschool blogs! I’m so grateful for their contributions to this blog.

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