My girls had a fabulous time putting together this Melissa and Doug floor puzzle the other day.

Amazingly, my 4 year old finished about six pieces of the top right corner all by herself.  Big sister swooped in to help her with the rest. So, here is the completed work, and the silly, yet fabulous face.


Melissa and Doug are not paying me to give this review or talk about their products.  With that said, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.   I’m not super easy to please (just ask my husband). I’m very particular about my food, my clothing, and yes…even the toys my kids play with. Lest I come off as grim, I’ll just put it this– with a little tweaking you can almost convince me of anything. But hey, you do have to tweak!

Well…there wasn’t much tweaking that needed to be done about this puzzle.  I got it from the library, thinking that 48 pieces would be too much for my four year old to handle- thus keeping her occupied long enough before she would become frustrated with it.  I also falsely assumed that my 10 year old daughter would be bored to tears piecing this cinch puzzle together.

Come to find out, it was just challenging enough for the both of them, and they actually worked together.  How’s that for a little sisterly love!

This floor puzzle is pretty large, at 2 by 3 feet, with each piece about the length of an adult hand, so it truly is a floor puzzle for kids. It requires a bit of thinking to piece together the sky portion, but the outline of the horses made it easier guess work for my preschooler. Within 30 minutes the puzzle was completed, the picture above taken, and the pieces put back into the box.  So, although it didn’t take long, it was just enough time to let me know it was challenging enough.

I’ve always enjoyed Melissa and Doug, mainly because of the craftsmanship and durability of their products.  When I see their products in stores I immediately think “high quality”…and being that I’m not easy to please, it’s definitely saying a lot when I scan the shelf and my eyes land on their label and I think “I trust them”.

So, there you have it.  No paid review, just my opinion. Go Melissa and Doug!

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Demetria is a homeschooling mom and mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, two daughters, and a dog. She currently runs two podcasts for homeschool moms and moms in business, writes songs, and spends lots of time at coffee shops. Her goal is to be an encourager and motivator of women, helping them to find success and joy in homeschooling, business, and motherhood.

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