On Martin Luther King Day, our family had the opportunity to visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama.  We had friends and family there to visit and enjoy, so it made for a much-needed time of fellowship and fun as well as an insightful field trip- all rolled into one.

I think my daughter appreciates all the more what our ancestors endured in paving way for the freedoms that African Americans enjoy today.   We toured the entire museum and made note of the art and exhibits that showcased the history of the Civil Rights Movement.  Nyomi took notes on Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut, and was able to come home with enough information to write up a mini report on the parallels between the “dream” of MLK, Mae Jemison, and her very own dreams.  She doesn’t like to write much, but I think she’ll appreciate reading her  “I have a dream” essay  years from now.  (And by the way, our writing workshops using the IEW program are helping out a ton- since I don’t teach writing all that well).

I also think she was pretty shocked at how drastically different her lifestyle is in comparison to those who suffered before us.  The brutality and prejudices are astounding to her – and it’s because we are blessed to live in a different time and place that we can step back and see how far we’ve come.  Although social troubles have never completely been snuffed out and some complexities still lie underneath the surface (mostly depending on where you live), I’m just glad that my daughter was able to visit this museum and see a “before and after” historical snapshot and be emphatically happy that some progress has been made.

Anyhow, it’s been an interesting week of catching up with old friends and remembering what a true winter is like (I forget while living out in mild Cali!)  I think this trip to the Civil Rights Museum is one of our week’s highlights that I just had to share.

MLK’s dream still lives on today, and it is my prayer that we pass the baton for generations to come.  We’re all in this together- to live, to love, to serve.  Let’s keep on pulling together and showing the world what it means to be on God’s Team: that no matter the color of our skin, we will show His love to one another and embrace the content of our characters.

I hope you’re enjoying your week of home education.  If your family did any special projects  of went on any fieldtrips for Martin Luther King, please feel free to share in the comments below.


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