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I’m so excited to share with you my experience with Passport2Identity by Family Life– and to give you the opportunity to win your very own kit!

So here’s why I’m excited: my daughter turned 13 last year. If you have teens, you understand how it feels to know that we moms need to prepare our kids for what lies ahead: adulthood.

If you have a teen, you’re probably filled with questions about how to lead her through conversations that draw her closer to her identity in Christ- and to prepare her for adulthood.

The world is eager to offer him an onslaught of false notions of what it means to be a man, and to confuse her about what it means to become a woman.  For that reason, I always find myself on the lookout for resources that can strengthen my relationship with my daughter and help develop her into the godly young woman she is meant to be.

Thanks to Family Life, I found a wonderful resource that has been super helpful  in helping me engage my daughter in meaningful conversation about her journey to womanhood.  We moms of teens finally have a solution that helps us connect with them.

What you could win!

Scroll down below to join the contest, and you could possibly win this kit!


What’s included in the Passport2Identity?

You get 7 CD’s containing sessions for both you and your teen, a tour guide book, a journal, a getaway checklist, and music by Seeds Family Worship.  The CD’s were one of the highlights of the program for us.  We LOVED listening to the audio vignettes and the music.


The checklist was extremely helpful as we planned our getaway.


The tour guide helps mom or dad work through the journey together with your teen. It’s essentially your copy (with parent notes added) of your teen’s travel journal. Doesn’t the U.S. map just get you in the mood for a road trip? In this program, you’re encouraged to get away for a fun weekend with just you and your teen so you can really connect.



The travel journal is your teen’s workbook and gives her a chance to answer and ask questions and solidify her thoughts as she goes through the audio sessions with you.


Here is a recap on the topics you’ll be discussing during your weekend together.

Session 1: Independence

Session 2: Authentic Womanhood or Authentic Manhood

Session 3: Making Faith Your Your Own

Session 4: Your Relationships

Session 5: Your Mission

Want more?  Here’s a video where I share exactly what’s inside this kit.

How does the kit work?


Pick a place to get away with your teen for the weekend- some place fun.  Prepare for your weekend by going through the checklist they offer to make sure you have everything you need for a successful trip.  Pray, and then get away!

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll want to begin working through the audio sessions together. Your teen will use the journal while you follow along with the travel guide.  As you listen together, you will periodically pause, write, reflect, and discuss the concepts together.

Tip: Take breaks often and go have fun!

Also, throughout the audio series there will be fun breakout sessions where you’ll get to engage in games together. This helps you keep the fun dialogue going. At the end of your journey together, you will affix the VALID id to your teen’s Journal and sign it to affirm that he or she has agreed value themselves as God created them and carry out their mission.

Our experience with Passport2Identity for Young Women

I promise you, it opened up a world of conversation with me and my daughter and I’m so glad we went through this together!


Connecting the dots of God’s Word with the reality of today’s world and what my teen is going through was a major PLUS for this product by Family Life. They really get teens.

My daughter loved the workbook- the color and graphics, the layout, everything speaks to her generation.


This program gave us the opportunity to dig into God’s truths about her life together.  It gave me ammunition and fuel to step into my role of motherhood with more passion and purpose, and it gave my daughter the confidence to talk about nearly anything with me. No topics are off limits, and we feel the freedom to be open and honest. Thanks to Passport2Identity, we’re able to zero in on the key topic, identity, and I can help guide her into becoming the woman that God has called her to be.


My daughter’s thoughts:


My daughter, Nyomi, loved this program, and these are her words of endorsement:

I think it’s a good reminder about who I am in Christ.

I’m glad I did this because after this I will journal and write down and memorize verses more often.

It opened my eyes to girls out there who self harm. Just because someone looks happy on the outside doesn’t mean they are.

This program made talking about awkward subjects a lot less awkward.  It was actually fun to talk.

And as for the fun getaway we had? A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s to fun on the town with my teen, thanks to Passport2Identity:

Fun in the city, roaming around and exploring new treats, sights, sounds, and adventures.

Lunch at Johnny Rockets, followed by coffee and dessert at a sweets shop.


The mother-daughter clothing swap!


The next day we both had massages and walked away relaxed and rejuvenated after we wrapped up our last P2Identity sessions.

How YOU can join the giveaway:

Sign up below for an opportunity to win the Passport2Identity for Young Women OR the Passport2Identity for Young Men. Leave a comment below to tell me why you believe this kit will be a blessing to your family.  Then be sure to join the Rafflecopter giveaway and share with your friends on social media! Winners will be announced in early May. Meanwhile check out Family Life’s products, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  If you choose to purchase a product, Family Life has graciously offered our listeners, viewers, and readers a nice discount.  Simply use the code CHM at checkout.

Enjoy the giveaway!
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