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Have you gone through Passport2Purity with your tweens?  If so, you will absolutely love Passport2Identity, geared toward teens ages 14-16.  And if you are new to all of this, no worries. You’re going to love what this getaway kit can do for your relationship with your teens!

It so happens that this week’s interview is with Michelle Hill of Passport2Identity, and I am excited to share this latest product with you! (Also, you can join the giveaway for a chance to win your own copy!)

Here’s what we chatted about:

Our identity should be based on the fact that we are God’s children. It’s important as we talk to our teens that we stress the importance of their identity in Christ.

Passport2identity INterview with Michelle Hill

What parts do parents play in helping teens to learn independence?

It ranges from helping them learn to balance checkbooks, learning to drive, and practicing interview skills. Just “being there” and guiding them is what our kids need today.

What is a woman and man versus what the world says about it?  

We are made in God’s image and He has special roles for us to take on. Passport2Identity covers this question for both the guys and girls. This program talks about holy beauty, the heart of a helper, how to heavenly focus, and being a life-giver. With young men, the discussions are about taking initiative, engaging others with wisdom and grace, planning, and providing.

What does it mean for our teens to take ownership of their faith?

The Word of God has authority over our lives and we should help our teens learn to read the bible, pray, and journal. We need to spend time with God so that we won’t be misled by the many voices coming at them.  It’s important that kids have faith of their own and not their parents’.

Relationships young men and women need in the teen years:

1.) A Solid Mentor (not necessarily mom and dad).  This is someone they can trust who will essentially point them back to their parents.

2.) The Inner Circle.  These are solid friendships, also known as the accountability group.  They are just a few people who help them grow into the person they are.

3.) Relationship between guys and girls.  Make sure dating relationships are based on a relationship with Christ.

When should teens be thinking about being used by God and understand what God has for them?

Teens are absolutely never too young!

Possible derailers or purity.

Video games, pornography, addictions, the desire to fit in, obsession with guys, alcohol, self-harm, and social media are just a few derailers.

So…what’s the next step?

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