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This week, I truly enjoyed talking to Tamara Zantell, founder of Raising a Mogul, LLC.

In this episode, I interview Tamara Zantell. She is known for helping her 9-year-old daughter turn her kitchen table hobby into a million-dollar brand. Yet, she is also the founder of Raising A Mogul, LLC, and Legacy Brand Creators, LLC, a boutique brand development and marketing agency. She is committed to supporting families who aspire to build an impactful family legacy brand. She is a mother to five.

Together or separately, they have been featured on AOL, ESPN, Netflix, USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, ABC Nightline TODAY show, and more.

She has helped her clients build strong community relationships and deliver excellent products and services while creating systematic and diverse environments through culture, goals, and structure. As a result, she is equipped with advanced knowledge in launching an international brand, generating revenue, partnership development, and developing young moguls and family businesses for inevitable triumph.

What Tamara and I chatted about…

  • What is Raising a Mogul?
    • She started it because they have kids in business and creating their own “normal”
    • Her inspiration came from her daughter who started her skincare business at 9 years old. Her obsession with lip balm encouraged her to learn how to formulate her own. Her kitchen table hobby has turned into her full-time job and now Tamara actually works for her 15-year-old daughter full-time!
    • Her goal is to help other families to do what she has done
  • The importance of parents building on our children’s inspirations and ideas. Pay attention to what our kids are passionate about and don’t kill their spirit. As parents, we can condition ourselves, set aside our egos, and learn from our kids.
  • It’s a family affair, so make sure to be open to the changes that will transpire as a result of the kids pursuing their interests. 
  • We can oftentimes underestimate what our kids are capable of.
  • Young Mogul Prep School is like a kids’ MBA. They work with kids to help them to become CEOs. Kids come in through a 5-10 day boot camp. This introduces them to the idea of entrepreneurship. They learn about:
    • Canva and product photos
    • Social media
    • Content creation
    • Business plan
    • a 90-day plan
    • What to charge for their products or services
    • Cost of goods
    • Developing an elevator business pitch
    • They receive mastermind-style meetings just for kids
    • Virtual workshops

Interested in registering your kids for the next entrepreneurial event?

➡️ Sign up your kids for the Young Mogul Prep School Program here.

➡️ Sign up your kids for the Young Mogul Speakers Academy Program here. (Preps kids for their first Ted Talk!)

➡️ Attend the Raising a Mogul Family Business Conference, happening in Disney Springs, FL in June 2023. Find out more here.

Tamara’s words of encouragement for moms:

You can do it! Write it down, and work together as a family. Failure is always a part of the process, but don’t get stuck and keep moving forward together as a family. If you can dream it, you can do it! You need a community, so don’t do it alone.

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I truly love to chat with homeschool moms of faith. If you are a new homeschooler I certainly hope you’ve found Tamara’s words and her homeschool story encouraging. Be sure to check out some of my other homeschool podcasts as well.

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