There are those who are creative, and then there are those who are not. Now- not everyone is creative in the same way but when it comes to teaching creativity and art, most people get that deer-in-the -headlights look.

Teaching art is a scary mountain to climb, but it can be done. 

Whether you are just starting your homeschool journey or you have been at it a while, whether you have older kids or younger kids, art class has entered your mind and more than likely you have either run away from it or had a crash and burn experience at one point or another. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I am creative and I love to do art, but teaching it is a whole new ball game.

How do you even start teaching a subject that opens up so many possibilities?

First, let’s look at why we teach art and creativity. Creativity is important in this world and in growing. Without creativity, many inventions would not be. It is the ability to imagine the possibilities that gets us where we want to go in life and that help us invent new things. Teaching and cultivating art and creativity is necessary.

Now, how do we teach it? If you have no knowledge of art and you are in no way creative yourself, that is okay. A simple place to start is at the library. No matter the age, you can find a book on a collection of art work and sit down with one painting, print or collage and study it for the week.

How do you study a piece of art?

  • First: Who made it and what is some information about the person?
  • Next: What do they see? What is in the picture? (Make sure that when you are discussing a picture with people in it you encourage your child to give you their thoughts on how the people feel or what they are doing. Sometimes they are pretty insightful.)
  • Then move beyond that and ask: What do you think could be happening in the picture? (Speculate some. Have fun with it.)
  • Now the fun part. Use different mediums (crayons, water colors, oil paints or pastels) and either try to remake the painting in their own style for the older kids, or try to make a similar scene of their own for the younger ones.

It does not have to be perfect and you can try as many times as you like.

You can do one step a day during the week or take a few days on a single step. It’s up to you and your child.

Now, some of you are probably thinking “What about the kids who seem to get art and have a strong understanding of certain types of art?” Well then, you have somewhere to start. Again, to the library! Start in the form of art that they are strong or comfortable with and do an in-depth study of that form. Take a few months or take a year, it’s completely up to you and your child. Then, try a new form of art. Change it up and challenge them.

Make sure they know it is okay if they don’t excel at that form. 

No matter your artsie level, you can teach your children art and help them enjoy it too. Not all kids will be excited about art, but then again they are not all excited about creative writing either. Whether they love it or not, it is still good to know about it and be comfortable with it. The library and your local art supply store will be your friend, and make sure you have fun as well. Join in on the art, let them see your mistakes and successes. Laugh and you will realize that yes, you too can teach art.

About Rachel Niskanen

Rachel is a stay at home mother of 8 year old twins (one boy and one girl) and a 5 ½ year old knight in training. Her homeschooling adventure started when her twins were two, and her husband deployed for a year. With a new born in the house and Daddy gone the twins needed a little something to preoccupy them. Enter the idea to do preschool in the home. Once she started she didn’t stop and it has been one blessing after another since. Her husband is a Navy veteran and is currently serving in the Army National Guard while going to college. It was through her husband that Rachel came back to God and she has ever since been in awe of His love and mercy. Rachel enjoys serving in the church by helping with the young children and also with the vacation bible school. An enthusiastic animal lover, when she is not schooling her kids or trying to keep up on the house work she can be found out training her dogs or cuddling with a cat while reading.

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