Turn Vapor into Rain Science Experiment

In the fall, children watch obvious changes in the environment, such as leaves changing color and choruses of summer crickets growing silent. Hence fall provides great lessons in how nothing stays the same. Vapor turning to rain shows God’s creation changing. It mirrors how someday we will change form and live with Jesus in heaven.


• Glass jar with wide opening• Spoon• Tray of ice• Matches• Water 

Vapor to Rain Science Experiment Demonstration:

• Fill glass jar with about two inches of water.• Use spoon to stir water (stirring helps water to evaporate).• Light match over jar allowing smoke to get in. Drop match into water.• Quickly place tray of water atop the glass jar.• Look below the tray and see cloud starting to form in a jar. That is because air is hitting the cold ice creating a cloud.• When you remove the ice tray, the vapor will disappear. 

Application with Teacher’s Words: Water changing to vapor (and back) helps us understand that we too will change someday. We won’t always have the bodies we have now, which grow old and die. Someday we’ll have bodies that are stronger and heartier—like water appears stronger and heartier than vapor. It’s as said in James 4:12-13: “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” But we will be thick and rich and beautiful as waterfalls in God’s kingdom after death. 

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The above post was written by guest blogger, Mary Kate Warner. For The above post was written by guest blogger, Mary Kate Warner. For questions about this activity, please reach out to her personally at Christianity Cove.