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I was recently offered the opportunity to review SEE The Light art products for homeschoolers.  SEE The Light is a homeschool art curriculum geared toward helping children to learn art techniques visually, and because it’s faith-based, kids are developing a passion for Christ also.

If you missed my interview with Pat Holt, founder and creator of SEE The Light, you can hop over and listen in to the podcast.

Since Easter is around the corner, I chose to review The Crossmaker.

I received the Crossmaker DVD, chalk pastels, ultra-bright colored pencils, and a portable UV blacklight.  The blacklight absolutely made the product come alive.

In the past, we’ve always used workbook curricula for art…but this program is different.   My daughter was captivated by this program because the team of art instructors provide art instruction visually and makes it easy for kids to follow along and understand.

There was nothing expensive that I needed to go out and buy.  All of the items I needed were available- such as watercolor paints, empty jugs and water, chalk, colored pencils, and pastels.

The Crossmaker begins with an animated and kid-friendly Easter story. Later in the program, chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann draws the Easter story and my daughter follows along. Other art lessons were available on this DVD by master artist Pat Knepley and Jim Pence.

One of my daughter’s favorite parts of the lessons is when she gets to take her drawing to a dark room and shine the black light on it.  An amazing thing happens- the drawing “pops” (glows in the dark) and it seems to bring the whole art and faith experience to life.


I received this book copy free of charge in exchange for an honest review- either positive or negative.  I was not paid for this review, nor asked to give a positive review of this product.  All opinions are mine and are honest.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. 


The lessons provided on The Crossmaker are:

  • The Easter Story: The Crossmaker 
  • Art Lessons: Glory (with artist Heidi Shorts and creative lettering as seen in the picture above), He Is Not Here! He is Risen! (with Master Techer Pat Knepley using chalk pastels), and Three Crosses on a Hill (with Jim Pence using water colors).
  • Bonus Features: contemporary music, watch and hear the plan of salvation, and meet the SEE The Light Team

There are many opportunities to learn art with this company.  SEE The Light offers a variety of products (art classes, art projects, and bible stories) which can be purchased as individual DVD lessons or as complete sets.  There is also now an option to complete art classes with an online subscription (no DVD required).

Plenty of free resources are available at the site (another plus for the company).  You can either take a look at one of the free art lessons or visit Jim Pence’s blog for weekly updated video art lessons- all completely FREE.

So, go ahead and join the raffle giveaway…I do hope you’ll win.  Tell all your friends about SEE The Light (you can hear more about it in my podcast interview with Pat Holt for more info).  Have fun!

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