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This week’s fabulous interview is with author, Shelley Noonan. I had a blast talking with her and receiving encouragement about digging into the study of the bible for ourselves. She introduced to me the Selah bible study, a beautiful method of reading and meditating on scripture.

Shelley Noonan has been married to the same sweet man for 35 years. She has three grown children and four, soon to be five, grandchildren. Her passion is to encourage others in their walk with the Lord by learning how to dwell in the Word of God and is the author and co-author of eight books.  Shelley delights in speaking, writing, and communicating about the unexpected, undeserved, and steadfast love that is available from the Lord.

What we chatted about

  • About Pumpkin Seed Press and the vision behind Pumpkin Seed Press
  • How we moms in the midst of our busy lives actually study – and not just read- the bible for ourselves
  • The meaning of “Selah” and the methodology of this type of study
  • Who Selah was intended for
  • The ease for busy moms to get into God’s Word using the Selah studies
  • Words of encouragement for busy homeschool mamas to spend quality time with the Lord

Bible studies Shelley offers

Beyond Beautiful Girlhood Plus Companion Guide (the next step in the Beautiful Girlhood series for girls ages 13-18)

The Companion Guide to Beyond Beautiful Girlhood (Mother-Daughter Bible Study)

The Three Weavers– ages 12 and up for daughter and father

King Arthur Series-the retelling of the story of King Arthur

The Selah Series– includes Psalm 119 and Ruth

3 principles for getting time in the Word

  1. Set a time and guard it. Be flexible with your time but guard it.
  2. Find a place in your house. Make it special (have your candles and special journals and materials nearby).
  3. Have a plan.

About the Selah Bible Studies Series with Shelley Noonan

“Selah” is a musical term that refers to reflecting and resting. It creates time to pause and listen and reflect on the Word of God. This is something we should be doing: spending time with God so that our hearts are completely changed. The change happens by spending one-on-one time with the Lord.

Selah is a framework to create time to be with Him. It’s a plan that creates a systematic interaction with scripture. It’s incorporated through the daily discipline of study and time in the Word.

2 parts to the Selah method

The Selah method is a beautiful process of reading through and studying the Word in detail. There are two main parts to the method.

Pause- is when we take time out of our busy lives to read God’s Word. Read a portion every day for five days and observe keenly the different facets of that one passage of scripture.

Listen-  is when we unearth discoveries and points of wisdom God is revealing to us. It’s about moving from knowledge to application.

Encouragement for homeschool moms

Two important things which you will never regret:

Spend time with your children.

Spend time with the Lord.

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