CHM 063-Happy Summer Break!

Happy Father’s Day and happy summer break!

For the rest of the summer, I’ll be taking a hiatus away from podcasting at Christian Homeschool Moms as our family prepares to relocate.

Listen in to the podcast to hear some of my plans and what I’ve been up to with my web consulting biz for wahms (as well as my podcast there that I hope you’ll subscribe to as well).

I also shared some of our bloggers’ recent posts:

Gabby- Leaving the Curriculum Unfinished

Andrea- Using Picture Books with Older Children

Me (Demetria)- Help for the Weary Mom

Rachel- Homeschooling Through the Downs (When Mom Has Special Needs!)

**And don’t forget to check out Gabby’s post in time for Father’s Day- 9 Clever and Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The team and I will continue to post to the blog over the summer, but the podcast is set to return in August.   

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