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summer school

Alright, for many of us- it’s summer break, and there is no summer school. Just no such thing.  And for most of the beginning of summer break, that’s where I’ve been. I had absolutely no desire to touch anything school-related until mid-August…

But then…

Then, after about 4 weeks, the kids got bored (mostly my youngest), and I saw the value in the down time. No worries-I’m using this time to redevelop my mompreneur business and write my first published book in Amazon!  But, I’ve also found that because of our low-key days, I could more easily fit in a history lesson, a story, a craft, or a music appreciation lesson without all the added stress of piling on our curriculum (which, as many of you know if you follow me on YouTube, can be a lot.) I’ll share about our light summer school schedule soon.

In fact, let me break right here to give you a few updates on what our summer is like this year.

Here is our library time for the Summer Reading Program.

We enjoyed that.  After I changed my YouTube channel name, I filmed a few creative recipes (and here) which I did with my kiddo. That was beginning of the summer.  No summer school yet.

Then, came in my curriculum haul from my charter school. (You can read more about my charter school here). I’ll share that humungous haul in another post.  It’s just too much to share here.

I also teamed up with Nicole Venters of Half Mom Half Amazing to showcase our “Day In The Life Of” over the summer.

So, when did I actually begin my summer school?

Well, it wasn’t exactly official.  It just kind of happened. Organically, I suppose.  One day I was moseying around Barnes & Noble and found the second volume of Story Of The World.  I realized how much fun it would be to simply read it, maybe do a timeline and some simple craft once per week. Nothing fancy. I don’t even have the workbook. So I purchased it and my daughter and I started using it…and we loved it.


Remember, I don’t typically “do summer school”.  It’s just not our style in our family.  I also don’t homeschool year-round.  Our charter school has start and stop days, and we take advantage of our 2-month breaks.  Homeschooling over the summer doesn’t work for us. I like to use that time to recuperate, actually!

But once the weeks wore on and on, we got bored, and I got super interested in history, and I wanted my daughter along for the ride.  My oldest is doing her own thing, making videos for her YouTube channel, so she’s busy with that. My 8-year old also picked up a copy of this music curriculum called Simply Music and began learning piano on her own.  I was overjoyed.  So…I guess we are doing summer school?

summer school

You could pick up a copy on Amazon if you want to try it out:

In essence, we typically don’t summer school.  I jokingly like to say that we “summer break”! But this summer, we found ourselves continuing our education and actually enjoying it. So, how about you?

Do you summer school? Do you school year-round? 

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