I know what you’re thinking…gold-wrapped chocolate covered coins? Umm…okay…a math lesson? Nope! It’s something a little bit more fun with a romantic twist!

While we run around making sure that the kids are clean, fed, and taught…

While we run around making sure that we get online and pay those bills, order more curriculum, go to the grocery store, make those doctor’s appointments, and do lesson plans…

While we run around making sure that the house is clean, stocked up well, and company-ready when it needs to be…

While we have every planner and calendar in the house out in the middle of the floor along with pens, pencils, and highlighters of every color ever made…

Did you think about your husband?  (And vice versa for my homeschooling dads!)

Here’s a little something that doesn’t take that much effort and is going to yield some rather interesting results.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Buy one bag of Hersey’s kisses, one bag of Hersey’s hugs, and one bag of Hershey’s kisses with almonds.
  2. Buy two small gift bags. On the front of one gift bag, write “Sweet Cash For Him” and one the other, write “Sweet Cash For Her.”
  3. Put an equal number of each candy in both bags. (We had a total of 22 pieces when we did it.)

Now, here are the “Rules.”

  1. A kiss means just that…a kiss. A hug means just that…a hug.  A kiss with an almond means it needs that little extra fire-starter, LOL!
  2. If you give (or receive) a piece of candy, that action has to be done to the other person. The candy is eaten by the person performing the act once it’s completed.
  3. Set a goal for when the bags should be empty. (We had three days to do it.)
  4. When all the candy is gone, laugh about how interesting this was to do!

We did this activity at our church’s Couple’s Retreat last month and by the third day, we were laughing and talking about how we only did it for the chocolate! We were kidding, but you get the idea!

For those of you who aren’t chocolate lovers, I encourage you to find a way to do this. You can use anything at all! Let me know how it goes!

About Tammie Polk

Tammie is a wife and mother of three girls, ages 11, 6, and 1 from Memphis, TN. She began her homeschool journey in 2008 and has worked as both a private and charter school educator as well as a substitute teacher. She is an eclectic homeschooler and enjoys tailoring curriculum to meet the needs of her children, one of whom is special needs. She maintains a blog, Atkah’s Choice (www.atkahchoice.wordpress.com) and also writes for Learning Tangent Magazine. She is also in the process of starting her homeschool consulting and tutoring business. In her spare time, she enjoys writing books and devotionals, creating educational board games and lesson plans, serving in the choir and other ministries at the Crossroads Baptist Church, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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