Tapestry of Grace is an award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum which uses the unit study approach, making history the core organizational theme for study.  It covers grades K-12 and cycles through every four years beginning with the Ancient World and ending with a journey through the 1900’s to the present times in year 4.  It is also influenced by the classical method and divides its learning levels according to stages rather than ages (ex.- lower and upper grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric).

There are several options for purchase with Tapestry.  You can purchase the full Year-Plan (each year covers a particular time period in history).  You can also purchase a 9-week unit instead.  Also provided are digital documents, supplements, and resource books. A digital edition is also available so that no book purchase is necessary. Additionally, live online classes are available through what is called a “virtual co-op”.

I purchased a separate unit for Year 3 and immediately became overwhelmed with the many options available for activities and such…but again, many families enjoy the idea of having a platter of options for each day.  I just felt the legwork to gather many of the books was a bit much for our family, but to their credit, the company offers a nice little option called “Bookshelf Central” where you can order every book needed for the curricula.  (I oftentimes go about things the long way to save money- so the library was my first choice).  However, all the books you need are located in their nifty Bookshelf Central, and you can choose from a wide array of homeschooling options in the lesson plans.

If you have used TOG for a while and understand how the system works much better than what I can explain with my limited 4 weeks’ experience, please feel free to drop a comment below, or join me on board here as a guest blogger!

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