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Why I believe teaching daughters (and sons) our Christian faith is important

Words cannot express how important I feel it is to introduce our children to God’s Word from the time they are very young. It’s like planting small seeds that grow into gigantic oak trees with time, patience, and the events of life. Rooting our daughters and sons deep into the Word is giving them a firm foundation they can fall back onto when life gets tough.

I don’t have sons as of yet, but over the years the Lord has really helped me to develop a sense of passion for girls to learn His ways…and He blessed me with two of His precious little gems to have the opportunity to give back to them what I believe my parents passed on to me.

Here are some resources that have been extremely helpful in raising my girls for God. (They are currently ages 4 and 9).

The Girls’ Life Application Bible

This is a sweet bible that you can’t just assume by its pretty cover doesn’t have some juice to it.  This bible has a lot going for it.  I love that it has a timeline, a brief synopsis describing what each book of the bible is about, short devos, bible maps, and more.

Girls Life Application Study Bible New Living Translation  serves as a wonderful beginning study bible for my 9 year old daughter.

God and Me devotional

In the God and Me! Devotions for Girls Ages 6-9 each devo has a short lesson, a prayer, and a fun activity. It’s a quick and easy way to expose our children to God’s word.  It helps to instill values in our kids so that they know God is with them even when mom and dad aren’t around.

This is a sweet devotional series for younger girls.  Highly recommended.

Polished Cornerstones

Although this book is HUGE, the way it works is quite simple system and I love it.  The table of contents is laid out in an easy-to-understand way- by character traits.  So if you’re working on humility, flip to the humility lesson- and voila- there’s a host of lesson plan ideas you can work with.

This book is meant for tweakers- moms who know how to make a product work for them.  Ideas are given in abundance, but it’s up to me to pick and choose what will work for my girls.

In these videos I talk about some of the curricula choices I made to help me accomplish the goal of teaching my girls God’s Word. Enjoy them, then leave me feedback!

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