For many families, homeschooling is either the best option or the only option for teaching their children. This can be due to various factors: conditions of their local school systems, their children’s temperaments, or vast learning abilities or disabilities of their children.  There could be other factors involved as well, such as school-family incompatibility, multiple intelligences (where certain children learn best within environments that aren’t offered in either public or private schools), as well as religious convictions and beliefs that aren’t welcome in the public school system (creationism, for example). These are all valid and unquestioningly solid reasons to homeschool your child.

With the wide selection of homeschooling programs, curriculum, and both state-supported and/or Christian endorsed programs available, the opportunities are endless for a parent who wants to homeschool. The very best thing to do is to check out your resources with your local community in mind.  Homeschooling support groups should be available in your area. Do a search online or get a community events and organizations calendar from your local library. Ask neighbors and friends. Most of all, ask around to different churches. There are so many churches today that are offer “umbrella” programs for homeschoolers to be able to home educate without the stress of record-keeping. These church-based homeschool organizations can help you with record-keeping such as test scores and your daily homeschooling journal.  There are also other home education options, depending on which state you live in.  Private satellite programs, home charter schools, and filing letters of intent are all legal forms of education within the United States.

Secondly, discover what it is you want to accomplish through homeschooling. Be sure that your child will benefit from being schooled at home. As a homeschooling parent, you have now become teacher. Organization and discipline are important disciplines you will need in order to be a successful teacher and to have your child be a successful student. If you need additional help and need to hire a private tutor, for instance, never feel ashamed of your choice. Doing what’s best for your child is the only thing that matters.

A third factor to consider is the type of curriculum you will want to use. What will be your teaching philosophy? There are a number of internet and print resources that can help you learn more about the different homeschooling pholosophies that exist, such as: Montessori method, Charlotte Mason method, Eclectic method, Classical Education method, Distance Learning, Waldorf Education method, and Unschooling. Do a search online and find out as much as possible about each method and perhaps find a fit that suits the needs of your family the best.

Overall, homeschooling is a wonderful way to teach our children in a culture that may not be as supportive with our children’s education as we would like. Homeschooling is not for everyone, but by the same token, neither is public education. Doing what’s best for our children and their start on a lifelong education is most important.

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Demetria is a homeschooling mom and mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, two daughters, and a dog. She currently runs two podcasts for homeschool moms and moms in business, writes songs, and spends lots of time at coffee shops. Her goal is to be an encourager and motivator of women, helping them to find success and joy in homeschooling, business, and motherhood.

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