This Thanksgiving I’ll be reading lots of books about thankfulness to my kids, one of which is The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving.  I want to keep them reminded of what this season is all about.  And of course, I can’t help but to get my family into the spirit of thanksgiving by cozying up on the couch with a good book and some hot chocolate.

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the pilgrims' first thanksgiving

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving

I found this book at a library special library book giveaway event, and knew that I would definitely be pulling this out around Thanksgiving time to read to my daughter.

It’s called “The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving” by Ann McGovern and is probably written on about the third grade level.  However, what’s great about this book is how easy it was for even my 4 year old years ago to understand. (She’s now nine).

Here’s why we loved this story:

It teaches contrasts between then and now.

My kids are amazed at the hardships the Pilgrims suffered, the fact that there were no glasses or forks, and no cozy beds to sleep in.  The story pulls you in to the reality of the hard work the early colonists endured and makes a stark contrast to how easy we have it today.

Every once in a while our kids need to be reminded of how things used to be.  Life certainly wasn’t a bed of roses, and once upon a time there were no iPads.

I think stories like these give our children a dose of reality of life hardships that people suffered, and in some cases around the world, are still suffering.  And it helps them to realize that what we deem as hardships was just very much a part of every day life reality for the Pilgrims.

It teaches thankfulness.

This story reminds us all the more of how thankful we should be- today.

More than anything this season (and all year long, to be honest), I hope to teach my kids how to be thankful for things.  Mom and dad work hard for our pay, and it’s only God’s hand in our lives- His blessings of strength, courage, stamina, wisdom, and skills- that we are able to progress in life. Having material things is major blessing, but it’s not what we live for.  And for whatever gifts we receive, we say “thank you”.

Are you reading any good books on thankfulness this month? Have you ever The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving?

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