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The virtual world is replete with myriad reading games that are interactive and allow kids to learn the fun way! Check out these top three reading games for kids online.

Madagascar My ABCs

Available for iOS and Android platforms, this reading game from the educational gaming giant, Knowledge Adventure, features a paid and a free version.

Players are assisted at every step by DreamWorks’ Madagascar characters – Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman! Breathtaking scenes of tropical jungles keep kids engaged while they put their ABCs into good use. Madagascar My ABCs requires kids to participate in interactive tracing activities, singing rhyming songs, and reading the alphabet.

Young kids are encouraged to showcase everything that they create as they take part in the various reading activities, with the help of a number of stickers to decorate letter-pages – the stickers can be easily saved in an in-app gallery.

The paid version of this reading game allows kids to get more fun letters, stickers and picture slots.

Elmo Loves ABCs

This reading game is for the iOS platform and is known to be an engaging, multi-faceted app for learning the letters of the alphabet. In one mode of the game, kids can choose a letter, trace it with their nimble fingers, watch videos about objects that start with the alphabet, and color the pictures of the objects.

Another mode of the game involves kids identifying a letter from a set of random alphabets, hearing the phonetic sound of the chosen alphabet, identifying an object that begins with the letter and then seeing a video of that word.

Along the course of this reading game, Elmo invites kids to sing along, thereby making it an extremely interactive app for kids. Sized heavy at 538 MB, parents will have to lock the store to stop kids from accidentally purchasing other advertised, but useless apps.

Learn with Homer

This reading app, meant only for iOS, is for kids who are just learning to read. The free reading game features drawing, voice recording, stories, songs, and phonics exercises. The in-game options – Learn to Read, Story Time, Discover the World, and Homer’s Clubhouse – are displayed on the map on the main page of the reading app.

Besides helping kids learn to read, the game is programmed in a way to facilitate learning about animals, world cultures, music, and digital creation.Throughout the game, kids are encouraged to draw or voice record their thoughts about every lesson they’re learning.

The reading game allows parents to create profiles of up to three kids and monitor their progress.

So, if you want to teach your kids to read, don’t hesitate to use the fun and exciting reading games that are available on various platforms. Interactive and educational, such mobile apps can work wonders in keeping the kids entertained while teaching them important skills simultaneously!


 Kate Anderson is a blogger and freelance writing professional interested in everything to do with kids and gaming. Always on the lookout for something interesting to do online, Kate is especially fond of fun games for kids. Her writing reflects her love for exciting online games.

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