This Magic Glasses transfiguration bible craft is a guest post written by Mary Kate Warner.

Transfiguration Bible Craft: Magic Glasses

This Transfiguration craft of making glasses out of red cellophane will help students see the difference between having red “earthly” vision and “pure” vision, such as the disciples had upon Mount Tabor with Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.


• Picture of Jesus• Red cellophane paper• Markers• Poster Board• Popsicle Sticks or Craft sticks• Pencil• Scissors• Glue or tape• White construction paper 

Teacher Preparation:

1. Use poster board to make a template of Jesus.

2. Make a template of glasses from poster board that will fit all. Be sure to cut out the “lenses” of the glasses. 


What we are doing today is a craft that will help us visualize the change in Jesus’ appearance when it is revealed that He is truly the Son of God. It will remind us that He came to us to fulfill His mission as set forth by His Father. 


1. Using the template, draw the glasses on poster board.

2. Using the template draw the figure of Jesus on white construction paper.

3. Cut out the glasses. The younger children will need help cutting out the glasses, especially the “lenses.”

4. For the lenses, cut out two circles from the red cellophane paper and then glue them to the glasses to make red lenses.

5. Tape a popsicle stick (or craft stick) to the side of the glasses to use as a handle when the glasses are held up to the eyes.

6. Draw a picture of a mountain on a piece of white construction paper and then paste the figure of Jesus on the mountain (but not at the top of the mountain)

7. Color the mountain. Make trees and shrubs and brown rocks, so that everything except figure of Jesus is colored.

8. Color Jesus red.

9. Put on the glasses. When the glasses are on, the figure of Jesus will be invisible, but when the glasses are off, He will be visible. 


The Transfiguration gave the disciples a chance to see the true glory of God. They were seeing things differently than they ever saw things before. Just like them, we have to go on in a world where it’s hard to see that Jesus is near us. We need to remember…the problem is only in our earthly eyes! He is very much with us, even if we have trouble seeing him down here on earth. He is with us every day, forgiving us, renewing us, and transfiguring us, by faith. (Matthew 17:1-9)

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The above post was written by guest blogger, Mary Kate Warner. For questions about this activity, please reach out to her personally at Christianity Cove.