CHM106: Veritas Press and Phonics Museum

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This week I enjoyed speaking with Laurie Detweiler, executive vice president of Veritas Press!

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Laurie and her husband Marlin are co-founders of Veritas Press which is an organization that is committed to creating and developing curriculum based on the classical education model with the purpose of preparing children for life.  Their mission is to influence the next generation to wholly follow after Christ by instilling the truths of God’s Word into their hearts and minds and accomplish this through the production of academically sound and technologically advanced curricula and courses that are fun and engaging for children with the purpose of preparing them holistically for their next steps in life.

The Detweilers have been involved in many aspects of classical education for more than 20 years. They have four adult children and live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Laurie is a curriculum writer, former school administrator, curriculum coordinator, head of school, and led the creation of the award-winning Phonics Museum which we’ll be talking about a good bit in today’s podcast.

What Laurie and I talked about

  • What inspired them to begin Veritas Press
  • A few of the products they offer for homeschoolers of various backgrounds
  • Laurie’s passion at Veritas Press in helping kids learn to read

The benefits of the Veritas Press Phonics Museum app

As they think about putting a product together, they always ask themselves if it is necessary. Rather than reinforcing a single phonics concept, they’ve created an app that creates a mastery-based approach to learning the concepts so that they are able to learn in a sequential fashion.

Helping Kids Read with Veritas Press

On raising successful children in today’s society

They opened up doors and gave their sons opportunities through a well-rounded education.  The Detweilers are now all either working with Veritas or have started their own tech companies and entrepreneurs.

An important idea to keep in mind: Keep the lines of communication open with their adult children. (Julie and I also talked about this in a previous episode.) You want your kids, no matter their age, to feel as though they can come to you for advice at any time.

How to reach Veritas Press and order Phonics Museum

If you’ve been setting a homeschool learning goal to teach your children to read more fluently while enjoying reading, you might like to check out

You can also go to the Apple iOS store and type in “Phonics Museum“.

There is a two-week FREE trial!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Omnibus Products

Other programs they have available are the Great Books Program and Composition Curriculum.

Coming out soon: Science Curriculum and Rhetoric Curriculum

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