What are the benefits of journaling with our kids?

Have you ever considered journaling with your own children? It hadn’t truly crossed my mind until Andrea Thorpe (friend and valued past  contributor to this blog ) shared with me that she had just authored a book called  “Sharing Our Thoughts: A Biblically Based Parent and Child Journal”. I got my copy, and right away began using it with my youngest daughter.

RESULT: We love it!

Just a few benefits of journaling with your child

Journaling forces you to slow down.

Life is already fast-paced and oftentimes finding even more activities to do with your kids for homeschool can be tiring. But with journaling books, you can really begin to slow down with your child. I could quit worrying about our next “activity” and just sit down with her and talk. Which leads me to my next point…

Journaling invites unexpected conversations.

My 10-year-old daughter, Zoe and I have had some fabulous chats as a result of Andrea’s conversation starters in each section of the book. They are thought-provoking and really make you dig deep before you answer. One of the questions in the book has to do with how you got your name. Zoe was tickled to find out how my mother named me, and this is just an example of realizing that there are so many things we haven’t discussed before. The benefits of journaling with Zoe are becoming quite obvious to me these days. 🙂

Why biblical journaling?

I love that Andrea incorporated personal anecdotes in a life-application and devotional-style journal that Zoe and I can share together. We pass the book back and forth each week, filling out our answers and looking forward to reading each other’s answers! It is a true treasure hunt together!

Biblical journaling brings our hearts and minds back to Christ and His center in our lives. It grounds us as a family and as a mother-daughter unit. We are reminded each time we read a devotional page, read scripture, and answer these questions together, that: we belong to Christ, we are His, and together we are family. It is truly a beautiful experience.

Andrea has written a book that my daughter and I will treasure for years to come. Thank you, Andrea for writing this for parents and our children. 

Want your own copy?

Here’s the fun part! Andrea has graciously agreed to offer a giveaway for this beautiful book, and I want you to have the chance to win this book for your family.

Enter the Giveaway

You can have a chance to win this simple and elegant child-parent journal. Leave a comment at the Facebook page and I’ll pick a winner soon!

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