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A hallmark of the winter months is to create winter-themed and holiday crafts that are plenty of fun for kids. Any classroom you walk into is likely to be filled with the creations of the students in them. These are usually paired with fun activities to breathe some festive light into the students.

However, this isn’t an idea that is limited to a traditional classroom. You and your children can make your homeschool just as festive and fun with these winter crafts and activities!

Activities and winter crafts you can start today:

1. Egg Carton Penguins

The best types of crafts are the ones that you can make from seemingly mundane things around your house. For example, have you ever looked at your carton of eggs and thought they’d make a good little colony of penguins?

To make these, all you need to do is cut out the part of your carton that holds the eggs. Flip these so that they are open-side down and let your kids paint their little penguins. With a little construction paper and googly eyes, you can add on eyes and flippers.

Pick up your materials for this project.

2. Bubble Wrap Snowman

There aren’t many things that can capture a child’s attention as much as bubble wrap. So, it only makes sense to incorporate it into your winter activities.

To start off, cut a snowman out of construction paper. You can also cut a nose, eyes, buttons, and a hat for later. Then, you’ll just want to help your child dip the bubble wrap in some light blue paint to add some color and texture to their paper snowman. Once it dries, they can add the details you cut out earlier.

3. Fake Snow

A trademark of winter is blankets of snow. Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t snow. Luckily, you can make your very own snow for fake snow fun!

There are a few different ways to make fake snow but one of the fluffiest snow is one you’ll get through a baking soda and shaving cream mixture. This snow will even be cold to the touch as well. To create it, start with one cup of baking soda and add in shaving cream to the consistency that you want.

4. Cotton Ball Snowmen

If you want a rather simple snowman craft, all you need is paper and cotton balls. Draw a snowman shape on a piece of construction paper and let your children fill in the pattern with cotton balls.

One of the best things about these crafts is the ability for children to personalize these crafts via unique creativity or even name tags. So, gather plenty of extra craft supplies to let your child make their snowman unique.

5. Colorful Ice Sculptures

For this activity, you’ll need to create ice with water mixed with food coloring. It’s a great idea to freeze water in different shapes to add some variety. Then, wait until the mixtures are completely frozen through.

After a few hours, your children will have plenty of colored ice to stack and use to create new and exciting patterns. Much like fake snow, this is a great way to bring in a little bit of winter even if you live in a warmer climate.

(Check out another fun way to use shaving cream in your craft time.)

6. Sugar Cube Igloos

Start by painting a piece of cardboard white. Once it dries, draw the shape you want your igloo to be in. Don’t forget details such as an entrance here! Then, put glue on your outline and help your kids start placing sugar cubes. Repeat this pattern as you move up levels. Remember: you might need to give your igloo time to dry during the process.

7. Snow Owl Pinecone

Once winter hits, you might notice an abundance of pinecones in your yard. So, let your child collect a few and turn them into cute arctic owls. All you have to do is to rip up some cotton balls and stick them into the crevices of the pinecone. Googley eyes and a little foam beak make the final touches.

8. Popsicle Stick Ornament

The easiest Christmas tree ornament a child can make is to glue together popsicle sticks in a snowflake shape. From there, you can let your children decorate it with paint, buttons, or whatever they please. Then, just glue on a loop of yarn for hanging.

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Did you enjoy these ideas for winter crafts? Do you think you’ll try them for your homeschool? Let us know if you do and leave a comment below 🙂

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Annabelle Carter Short is a freelance writer/editor and seamstress of more than 7 years. She also works with few organizations to provide families with the best resources for raising and educating a special needs child. Annabelle homeschools her autistic son. In her free time, Annabelle likes to make DIY and crafty projects with her two kids: Elizabeth (age 6) and Michael (age 9).

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