I have been working from home as a web designer and content marketing strategist for 16 years now- all while homeschooling my girls and attempting to run my home. It hasn’t been a perfect performance, by any means, but the reality is: the lifestyle is possible and doable.

Here are a few tips that have made things easier for me throughout the years in balancing working from home while homeschooling.

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Carve out space

In order to think and behave like an entrepreneur, you will need the space to do your work. Creating a space that is dedicated just for your work says to you and to your family, “This is mama’s spot- to do the work she does to support our family.”

Creating space speaks volumes to your family and to yourself that your work is serious. You’re not playing around.

You can create an office set up just about anywhere. I’ve had offices in a corner of my bedroom, or I’ve whipped out a portable table and propped in the corner of any room to immediately become my office when living in smaller spaces. I’m so grateful that today I have a dedicated room for an office, and it is quite convenient to have a space dedicated for my work, but I didn’t always have this. If you can find office space, make it happen wherever you can. You might have to downsize, but if you have the convenience of a room you can convert, I highly recommend it! There is nothing quite like that thrill of excitement that occurs when you walk into your own office on your own terms. Even at home. And especially when you are doing what you love.

Set aside time.

Just as important as setting aside space, is setting aside time. Assessing the needs of your family first is paramount: if you’ve got younger or multiple kids you’ll have to figure out different ways of making your time work for you.

I always like to share how that when my kids were younger I would wake up as early as my weary body would allow me to in order to get some work done. I eventually learned that getting up early was my thing and that became my special time to work when all was quiet in the home and I had no interruptions.

For you, it could mean late nights, early mornings, between naps, when the kids are at grandma’s. Whatever it means to you, find out how to make a schedule and routine where you can insert your work time. Working from home while homeschooling is certainly possible, but being intentional about setting aside time is important.

Find support.

I especially found it difficult to learn and grow without support from other like-minded business owners, bloggers, and podcasters. I learned early on that in order to grow, I needed to surround myself with people of the same mindset.

I found mastermind groups and coaching circles that helped to elevate my mindset. I use Facebook groups a lot, but I also pay to be part of masterminds that can help me grow in my business. To me, the cost is worth what I receive from being a part of these groups.

As both homeschool moms and work-from-home moms, we might often feel that we’re a bit lonely out here. But, believe me, you’re not. We are not alone. Check out my interview with fellow homeschool mom Latonya Moore and how she cultivates joy in her every life as she both homeschools and works.

Drop mom guilt.

Last, but not least, never, ever feel guilty about what you are doing to support yourself and your family. The mom guilt is a road you don’t want to go down, a trip you don’t want to take. It will hold you back from moving forward or taking even the first step.

You definitely cannot succeed with a mindset that tells you that you are unworthy, you don’t deserve a business, you don’t deserve money, you should feel ashamed, you are taking too much time away from your kids, yadda, yadda.

Don’t listen to the negative hype-whether it comes from your own mind and inner voice, or from others around you. Do listen to your spouse and your immediate family and receive their blessing before you start your business (if this is possible). But always do what you know is right for you- and for your family. If starting the business is right, and God is giving you a green light, then go for it, sis!

Also, please remember that homeschooling comes in a variety of packages. Don’t be afraid to take a season of relaxation as your family moves forward. Perhaps that means less curriculum-purchasing and more of a relaxed approach to homeschool.

That’s all I have for you today and I hope you enjoyed this post about working from home while homeschooling. If you’ve found these tips helpful, please drop me a line in the comments below.