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Enjoying the HOME in Homeschooling

The day our realtor led us up the steps and onto the front porch, I fell in love. My husband and I hadn’t even stepped inside, but I already knew this was the house for us. Five weeks later, when we received the house keys, I was overjoyed! We immediately got to work turning this […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I don’t want to see another chicken unless it’s deep fried and served with steamed cabbage and macaroni and cheese. So, if anyone plans to invite me to a farm anytime soon, ask me to dinner instead. Hubby and I got our fill of petting baby chicks on our last field trip. We did all […]

Changing with the Seasons

Just as the seasons of the year change, we will see the seasons change in our homeschools. What do I mean by seasons? A season is the state that you and your family are in at this current time. One thing I want to tell every mom reading this…it’s okay to change! For many of us, […]

Catering to Each Child’s Individual Learning Needs

Every child learns differently. We all believe this. They might learn one or two things similarly to another kid, but they are not the same kid. Part of homeschooling is trying to make the best decisions for your kids- but sometimes that can be hard, especially when you do as well in a routine as […]

Make Your Own Quick Sand – Science Experiment

The older children get, the more often they can find themselves in some “quick sand” – by picking the wrong friends or hanging out with the wrong crowd. This science experiment creating quick sand is fun and interesting and also drives home an important point about friends. Make Your Own Quick Sand – Science Experiment […]

Help Me to Help My Home!- Encouragement for Homeschooling Mompreneurs

Many a mom has been faced with the need to be able to work from home and still maintain our homeschool. I’m in that boat with you. All of us find ourselves looking just like the little person in the graphic above! It is possible! The first thing I want you to do is stop, […]

Symbols of Rosh Hashanah-A Look At The Jewish (& Messianic) Biblical Holiday

Rosh Hashanah is rich in symbolism and tradition. One of the ways that people retain information is when we appeal to all their senses. The Jewish people have perfected this, and it is easy to see this when they celebrate. We will see the rich heritage of this culture and how they captivate their children […]