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068:Meal Planning Made Easy- An Interview with Plan To Eat


Podcast: Play in new window Like most moms I know, I’m always trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Click on the play button above to listen in to the interview and hear all about why Plan To Eat came into fruition…and why it helps us homeschool moms to keep a routine for knowing what […]

Homeschooling Parents are Permitted to Have Bad Days, Too!

It’s no secret that homeschooling is a challenging endeavor for families. As homeschooling parents, we have to manage a lot within our household. But, more than that, we often have to deal with the wrath of others who may not approve of our lifestyle. Many homeschoolers feel their lives on display despite knowing this is […]

Big Mistake You Can Avoid For A Healthier Happier Year-Pt 1

Becoming isolated in your journey as a Christ-focused Homeschool Family is a big mistake. However, you can understand and avoid it for a healthier and happier year. Isolation, intentional or not, is a big mistake that has a negative and unhealthy impact on you and on your children. Let’s take a look at how it happens. ____________SEE […]

067:Grapevine Studies-Interview with Dianna Wiebe


Podcast: Play in new window On this podcast we chat with Dianna Wiebe, author and founder of Grapevine Studies. Who is Dianna Wiebe? Dianna Wiebe is the primary author for Grapevine Studies. She brings an energetic and creative approach to her studies enabling her student to learn through direct interaction with the Bible. She has […]

5 Fantastic Ways to Stay Focused!

How can I be a focused mom? Do I need to make time to focus on me? How can I enjoy the homeschool experience? Answer: Yes, Yes, and YES! I used to think there was a top secret method, or some magical master school plan that experienced homeschooling moms used. These moms seemed to have […]

Homeschool Room Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

So…we’re moving…and we’re trying to figure out how to make it all work.  Homeschool organization, that is.  In our new house we probably won’t have a dedicated homeschool room, and we’re really just trying to figure out some ideas that don’t put us in the hole.  So although your room may not look perfect, or […]