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Making Math Make Sense

It’s complicated. Math and I have a complicated relationship. I like math. But I don’t like how it’s usually taught. Growing up, I was naturally good at math. When I did math, I felt powerful. I took all the advanced math classes in high school: geometry, Algebra III, trigonometry, and AP Calculus. I even took Calculus […]

Going Green

I’m thinking March might be a good time for me to “go green,” to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now, I’m talking about something more fulfilling than turning a plastic cup into a leprechaun craft, something any homeschooling mom can do in her sleep. It’s more complicated, more personally meaningful.  A good friend and mentor inspired me […]

Embracing the Sabbath in Homeschooling Podcast: Play in new window Let’s face it: we moms need a break once in a while! Quite honestly, one break each hour would suffice for me- but life doesn’t quite work out that way. Nonetheless, I need break and I whole-heartedly admit it! Additionally, over the past few years I have learned to […]

Spring Bible Hunt

March is here and that means spring will soon arrive! Each day we’re enjoying a bit more daylight and slowly but surely temperatures are beginning to moderate. In a few weeks, my children will be able to soak in the sunshine and run around outside! Praise the Lord! Until then, you can help your children “think spring”, […]

074: 8 Fruit of the Spirit Resources for Homeschoolers Podcast: Play in new window (This blog post contains an affiliate link.) Many of us celebrated Valentine’s Day this February, and once again,  hearts, chocolates, and teddy bears made their way into my home- but you’ll hear no apologies here since chocolate hearts and teddy bears are among two of my favorite things.  Also, […]

Save Time and Aggravation with 3 Free Online SAT Practice Links -Part 3

  Here we are on Part 3, finally: we’re almost done ! The last link is: As I previously mentioned, I advise getting a headstart on the vocabulary practise for the SAT or ACT in the middle grades. The reading passages on those exams can be really intense.  Being able to juggle numerous complex […]

Sweet Cash

  I know what you’re thinking…gold-wrapped chocolate covered coins? Umm…okay…a math lesson? Nope! It’s something a little bit more fun with a romantic twist! While we run around making sure that the kids are clean, fed, and taught… While we run around making sure that we get online and pay those bills, order more curriculum, […]