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Happy Dependence Day!!

Today is very special to me as it holds great significance in our household. While our friends and family celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence proclaiming the 13 American colonies a new nation, no longer under British control. I celebrate my 3-year anniversary of Dependence Day when I died with Christ and became a new creation, no […]


077:Summer Update: S’mores and a Homeschool Mom’s Bucket List!

On this podcast, I share the updates of what’s happening at CHM! I talk about Andrea’s bucket list, and my mom’s passed-down No-Bake Summer S’mores. It’s not a long podcast- just short enough to say “hello” and give you an overview of the latest happenings at CHM. Next time, I hope to bring you more […]

Finding Homeschooling Mentors - Christian Homeschool Moms

Finding Homeschooling Mentors

I love my homeschooling friends.  It’s always so fun to find someone with children the same ages as mine.  These ladies know all too well how hard it is to teach Kindergarten in the middle of potty training a toddler and nursing a baby.   They encourage me and provide wonderful opportunities for play dates. […]


Making Math Make Sense

It’s complicated. Math and I have a complicated relationship. I like math. But I don’t like how it’s usually taught. Growing up, I was naturally good at math. When I did math, I felt powerful. I took all the advanced math classes in high school: geometry, Algebra III, trigonometry, and AP Calculus. I even took Calculus […]

Going Green

Going Green

I’m thinking March might be a good time for me to “go green,” to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now, I’m talking about something more fulfilling than turning a plastic cup into a leprechaun craft, something any homeschooling mom can do in her sleep. It’s more complicated, more personally meaningful.  A good friend and mentor inspired me […]

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