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Working Past Disappointment _ A Simple Tip for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Working Past Disappointment: A Simple Tip for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child with special needs is doubly as challenging since we aren’t always emotionally equipped to deal with the added difficulties. At any given moment, parents of a child with special needs may have to deal with: meltdowns aggressive behavior (toward himself and toward others) sleep deprivation (in the form of […]

free homeschool resources

Free Homeschool Resources for Every Subject

It’s the middle of the summer and a new school year is just around the corner. Many homeschool moms are searching for various curriculum that will meet the needs of their children without breaking the bank. The savvy homeschool mom may find a sporadic coupon code here or discount deal there, but many moms will […]

homeschool burnout

The homeschool burnout question: Should I keep homeschooling or quit?

This video says it all! It’s an almost 30-minute pep talk straight from me to you. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to receive my free ebook on Avoiding Homeschool Burnout. In a nutshell, there are three things I mentioned in this video that you should consider when deciding if to continue homeschooling […]

balanced life

Beyond Measure

I’ve chased the mythical idea of a balanced life the way I’ve hunted for that last piece of gum in my baby bag. Yes, with that much persistence. And uh-huh, with that much success. Achieving a balanced life as a working homeschool mom is about as fantastical an idea as unicorns, pots of gold, extra […]

online homeschooling

30 Faith-Based Virtual Schools- Online Homeschooling Options- pt. 3

In my last post in this series, I shared five private virtual schools to consider with online homeschooling. These were all non-sectarian (or non-religious) schools.  In this post, however, I am listing 30 faith-based, Christian online schools that may serve as credible options for homeschoolers. First I’ll give you a few that I think might interest […]

online homeschooling

5 Virtual Private Schools- Online Homeschooling Options- pt. 2

In my last post,  we began answering the question about choosing online homeschooling options for our students.   Join me on Facebook to continue this discussion. Meanwhile, today I want to highlight some private cyberschool options: meaning, they are not government-funded, you pay tuition, and in the cases of these particular schools I’m mentioning, they […]

Writing Through the Summer Months_

Writing Through the Summer Months: Tips for Reluctant Writers

It’s difficult enough to get children to want to write throughout the school year. But, with summer at our door, it’s harder than ever to motivate them to pick up a pen, much less do some creative writing. In this article, I show you why creative writing should be tossed to the side so that […]


Choosing Online Homeschooling Options For Your Students- Pt. 1

I’d love for you to like my facebook page and join in this discussion. If you’re like some parents, online homeschooling is a reputable choice for many different reasons. maybe you like to be hands-off with teaching subjects and record-keeping perhaps having the added benefit of online instructors gives you a measure of security about your […]


Pearson Homeschool Review

I was introduced to the Pearson Homeschool curriculum this year, and I’m happy to share my experience with you in this post. Disclosure: As I share my review with you,  please know that I have been compensated for my time and that I received this product for free. Opinions I express with you- either positive or […]

homemade playdough

How to make homemade playdough

Homemade playdough can be a lot of fun to make (although, honestly, it takes a little bit of something called time.)  But if you have the time, and you feel like getting crafty with your kids over the spring or summer, making some playdough together can be fun. Here’s a video showing you how I […]

glass half full science exxperiment

“A Glass Half Full” Science Experiment

“A Glass Half Full” Science Experiment With so many material things available to our children, it is sometimes difficult for them to appreciate all that they have; some days their blessings can feel like nothing!  This simple experiment will give them a choice: When they look at a glass half-filled with water they can see […]


063-Happy Summer Break!


Podcast: Play in new window Happy Father’s Day and happy summer break! For the rest of the summer I’ll be taking a hiatus away from podcasting at Christian Homeschool Moms as our family prepares to relocate. Listen in to the podcast to hear some of my plans and what I’ve been up to with my […]


9 Clever and Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m always at a loss when it comes to Father’s Day gifts.  Finally, I started getting crafty on Father’s Day and I haven’t regretted it. But there’s only one problem with this.  I don’t have a crafty bone in my body.  Seriously. I have zero artistic ability and I absolutely hate mess, especially the gluey, […]


Homeschooling through the downs (when mom has special needs!)

Homeschooling is always an adventure and in my house an adventure with many different directions. I have three kids, 6-year old twins and a 4.5 year old who thinks he is 9- and the difference in their personalities and their styles of learning have me teaching in different directions. That is the wonderful freedom of […]

managing your blessings

Help for the weary mom

I just want to encourage you- if you’re in a season of life when you feel like giving up- please don’t.  There is help for the weary mom. Today I’m honored to guest post at Managing Your Blessings run by Carlie Kercheval- and I share some words of encouragement with you, Dear Mom, to let […]