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073:My not-so-perfect homeschooling days Podcast: Play in new window I’m sure I mentioned that our family just moved about three months ago in another post. With that move came a large shift in our homeschooling routine.  In fact, for the past few months we haven’t had much of a routine at all.  In double fact, my homeschooling days […]

Save Time and Aggravation with 3 FREE Online SAT Vocabulary Practice Links-Part 2

Hi there! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first part of this series and in Part 2 here, I hope I’ll be able to delight you with another free resource which will save you time, money and frustration.  For those kids who love reading, I would really like to encourage continued interest and reading. One of […]

Three Ways Your Homeschool Can Plug Into Your Local Community – Part 1

If you are new to the Christian Homeschool Moms community, Welcome! It is so important to stay plugged in with like-minded folks so you can stay encouraged and keep growing. Being able to do that online through the CHM community has been priceless for me. I pray that it will be for you, too, and help you […]

I’m Saving Up to Homeschool

I was sitting down with a friend talking about goals for the New Year. I’d shared some of mine already and it was her turn. She had what I call the “usual” list: paying off debt, losing weight, etc. However, I was completely floored by the very last one on her list: saving up to […]

072:Christmas Recipes & A Craft Podcast: Play in new window Christmas is coming soon and I am in the mood for some holiday grub. Like most of you, I am Pinterest addict, and try to find the solution to almost every craft or recipe right from my Pinterest boards. In this episode I’ll share with you 2 Christmas recipes […]

Save Time and Aggravation with 3 FREE Online SAT Vocabulary Practice Links-Part 1

This is a three part series on free and effective SAT vocabulary resources. Enjoy! If you’re anything like me, you’re busy from the moment your eyes open until the moment you pass out on the living-room couch sometime just before midnight. Today, I want to save all of you time, money and aggravation. I’m not […]

The Gift of Homeschooling

I pushed my shopping cart up to pay with a mega shopping cart full of groceries and 3 kids.  I braced myself as the checkout girl asked the question. “Do you homeschool?” At 5, my oldest is at the age where it’s finally somewhat clear that we do, in fact, homeschool.  But as a new […]