On this homeschool podcast episode, some educational websites I’ve found, fun things my kids are up to in our homeschool, and then we’ll get into our main inspirational topic of the day: reasons to embrace your role as a mother.

Good Finds

Educents has a lot of great discounts going on.  Educents is a new online resource for home educators to find great deals and homeschooling products.  As of last week, there were the Nature Series with science kits for $65, Math Tutor DVD sets for only $39, and a complete phonics and reading kit for only $49.99.  Keep in mind, these prices are typically slashed in half or more so it’s a pretty good deals.

An virtual space online for teens to hang out and chat has been established- and it’s  highly moderated by parents according to the site info.  It also seems to have a bit of a Christian presence since I noticed the scripture 2 Timothy 2:15 typed under the logo as a motto of sorts.  The name of the social network is Homeskoolz Kewl. So if you have teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 you can send them there for an online social network to connect with other teens- and of course, moderate what’s going on.

Awana is now beginning the Awana homeschool program.  You can buy kits that include the student handbook, a parent handbook, a bible verse music, and membership to an online website.  Opportunities for scholarships are still available, although I think there is talk about whether or not uniforms would still be provided for the homeschools. Like the Awana homeschool facebook page for more details.

Fun stuff

Another cool gaming site for girls is Always Icecream. My daughter has gotten through several levels of gaming on this site- currently finishing up a few virtual trophies for French, math, and art- which is cool.

On my YouTube channel, I show our Sonlight box day!  We purchased the Sonlight Core F for next year and we’re super excited about studying the Eastern hemisphere and reading all those exciting books!  If you haven’t already you can check out my youtube video as we were opening our package that just arrived the mroning of. I’ve also got a video uploaded about why I chose Sonlight for next year instead of going the less expensive route and time to pick my materials for next year.

Also, I did a video about the Charlotte Mason method and how our family has been researching (many different methods) but how that this one stood out in particular to me because a lot of my views on education that have been formulating throughout the years seems to align with the Charlotte mason philosophy.  We’re still pretty eclectic, I think, grabbing a little of this and that from several methods- and I think that’s what makes homeschooling so exciting for us.  But the more I read about nature studies, artist and composer study, and narration I’m drawn into the simplicity and beauty of this style of learning.


I go into detail with encouragement about how to:

  • Accept your motherhood
  • Embrace your motherhood
  • Enjoy your motherhood

Enjoy!-Thanks for listening.

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