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What do you do if you- mom- wants to homeschool, but dad doesn’t agree? We’re going to get right into this topic in today’s podcast!

Meet Chasity Champion, my guest co-host on today’s show. She and I have a great conversation.

Concerns of reluctant homeschool dads

  • fear of family’s isolation, being the odd one out, or not being socialized
  • fear of lack of competence to successfully homeschool
  • unfamiliarity with home education (and especially within your demographic or cultural community)
  • negative advice from others

How to win over potential homeschool dads

1.) Listen to the concerns of the father.  Many dads have reasonable concerns about home education (as listed above) and our goal is to make sure we’ve done what we can to give dads the peace of mind that homeschooling is a viable decision for our families.

2.) Take time to research your topic.   

  • Look for places to find good, legal homeschooling advice (such as HSLDA), and look for the homeschooling websites and support groups for your area
  • Research styles, methods, and philosophies
  • Read homeschooling books, magazines
  • Listen to homeschooling podcasts and conference audios
  • Watch homeschooling videos

In other words, become as familiar as you can about home education so that you come prepared and ready to explain to homeschool dads anything you should need to in order to make it more simplified and to the point. Bring facts.

Reluctant Homeschool Dads

Seek ways to produce fruit.

The kids’ academic and spiritual growth developing over time is a great reminder to fathers. Some ideas for showing that homeschooling is producing great fruit in your home are:

  • learning portfolios
  • in-home music recitals just for dad or another father-like figure
  • models or art pieces or science and other projects kids have worked on

Remember to take it one day at a time and be patient. It takes time to grow ripened fruit, and it will take time to mold our homeschools.

Hopefully, if you apply some of these strategies, with time reluctant fathers will begin to become less reluctant about homeschooling.

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