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It can be so easy to become overwhelmed with the everyday duties of homeschooling, that we can forget how much fun we’re supposed to be having!  Have you ever been in that boat?  I definitely have been there a time or two myself.  

Just remember that if you were called to this educational journey, then God has also equipped you for the homeschool task.

Know that, first of all, you have a heavenly identity.

 God loves you so much, and His son, Jesus is your Heavenly Father.  When I think of who we really are, I am amazed at the way God sees us!  Our worth is so valuable to Him.  If we could only see ourselves the way He sees us- as His precious gems, His beautiful daughters- then we would realize how much He cares about our homeschooling journey, how much He wants us to succeed in raising our kids, and how much He cares about every aspect of our homeschooling.

He really does care!  

When we realize we belong to Him, then we can relax knowing that Christ wants to take care of our families and give us hope, rest, and peace in Him while we are in the middle of trying to keep our homeschool days together.  Just when we feel like sending our kids off to school, His joy can be an ever-present hope for us, keeping us on the path He has prepared for our families.  His desire is not to see us suffer through our homeschooling, but, instead, to see us joyful.

We have the right to be assured in Him.  

It’s okay to be completely reassured that God has a specific plan for our families and to learn to relax and trust in Him.

If we’ve been called we can happily obey and serve God in the area of home education.  

Sometimes when we’re balancing our families, friends, relatives, and a myriad of activities, we can feel completely overwhelmed.  It’s perfectly okay to start cutting down on some of those activities if they are obstructing our view of the Lord and keeping us from spending time with Him.  Serving God happily means tackling the task of home education with a sense of purpose in fulfilling God’s will for this season of our lives.  Even if you only choose to home educate for a short season, you should be able to look back on that season of your life and see that, yes, it was hard, but you boldly tackled the task ahead with God’s strength.

What I’ve found over the years is that when I spend the least time in communion with God, I have the worst homeschool days!  I’ve learned very quickly that I need to be refueled in His presence daily, trusting Him completely and dedicating my days to Him.  I’ve noticed that the times I’ve not taken a few moments to ask God to bless the day ahead, I’ve erred on the side of impatient and grumpy throughout the remainder of the day.  It’s amazing just how much a few moments of prayer and dedicating the rest of our days to God can do for us!

We have everything we need to tackle the task of home education.  If you feel that you lack a specific skill, there are resources available in the form of audio and video media (podcasts, DVDs, audiobooks, YouTube videos, for example), books and magazines, websites, and not to mention homeschool tutors.  God can lead you, without a doubt, to the very resources you need at the specific time in your homeschooling when you most need it.  

And don’t forget, He’s given you a plethora of gifts and abilities within that you can tap into to help teach your own children in very unique ways.

I hope I’ve encouraged you! Keep looking ahead and take it one day at a time in God’s strength.  You can do this!  You are equipped.