How do you find your homeschool community and avoid isolation? Just jump in and be the change. Listen in to find out more…

Finding Homeschool Community

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This week, I had a wonderful chat with homeschool coach and author, Nicole Kennedy Green.

I hope you feel extremely blessed in this week’s podcast as we learn about some ways to find your homeschool community. You don’t have to be isolated in home education.

Who is Nicole?

With nineteen years of experience educating her children at home and facilitating opportunities for homeschoolers to learn together, author, mentor, and coach Nicole Kennedy Green is also a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader, consultant, and voice of wisdom in the homeschool community. Nicole is in her element when asked to engage directly with homeschool parents, and delights in coaching them along their homeschool journey. Sales from her books entitled H.O.M.E.S.C.H.O.O.L 101: Chart the Course, Enjoy the Journey!, and Relax.Relate.Release support Nicoleʼs latest effort, Homeschool Moms Pray! which was created in 2020 to encourage and inspire homeschooling moms and support one another through corporate prayer. The Homeschool Moms Pray! community meets monthly via Zoom and is a safe space for homeschooling moms to find support and contentment as they attend to the sacred task of educating their children at home.

What Nicole and I chatted about…

Advice for new homeschool moms

  • Get clear about why you’re homeschooling
  • Get buy-in from your spouse and your children
  • Kids grow and change, so really get to know who your kids are and who they are becoming 
  • If you can’t find a homeschool group, consider building your own

Advice for planning middle and high school and building homeschool community: 

  • Use middle school grades to see what their interests are and allow them to explore their preferences 
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Help them learn how to navigate basic life skills
  • Be willing to build what is not available in your area
  • If nothing is available locally in your area, start with a virtual group 

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Remember, your homeschool is unique. Build what you need for your family.

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Thanks for listening and watching!

I truly love to chat with homeschool moms of faith. If you are a new homeschooler I certainly hope you’ve found Nicole’s words about building homeschool community and raising our kids through their ages and stages to be helpful to you.

Because that’s what homeschool moms do – we help one another!

Until next time…happy homeschooling.