CHM025: A Homeschool Podcast Interview at Homeschooling With Kimberlee

Listen to “CHM025: A Homeschool Podcast Interview at Homeschooling With Kimberlee” on Spreaker.

Anytime I have the privilege of an invitation to another homeschool podcast, I welcome the opportunity to chat about homeschooling! I had the privilege of being interviewed last week by Kimberlee Wilkes of Homeschooling With Kimberlee.  We discussed a range of topics on home education, mainly three topics, that I thought were inspiring, and I’d like to share them with you. It was a joy to chat about:

  •  How I started my homeschooling journey
  • What changes I would make in my homeschool if I had to start over
  • What I consider to be the biggest homeschooling challenges in home education, and how to overcome them

You can listen to this episode by hopping on over to Kimberlee’s homeschool podcast.  Listen in over there, leave a comment, and subscribe to her podcast while you’re there.

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